Serbia: Same Old Farm Exposed Again And An Ineffective Ministry – So What Changes ?

We are currently working with Serbian campaigners regarding latest pictures from a facility which is old news to us.

Please see our past links:

We are also linking with farm animal welfare organizations here in the Uk, who will be further assisting us once we have more information from Serbia.

Nothing much has changed from our articles of 2010. 

The Serbian Ministry is failing Serbian animals.  Despite conditions shown above, they have informed us that we should not be pressurizing them !

This was in 2010 when the statement was made.  It is now summer 2012, and you can see how conditions have changed when they are left to work at their own pace.

Further information and contact details of where to write will be published once we have clarified a few issues.

In the meantime, here are just a few photographs (above and below) taken in the last week relating to the farm of which we have very serious concerns.  The first photo confirms the date of pictures – 7/7/2012.

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