Global: 4th October (Today) is WORLD ANIMAL DAY – Have A Special One FOR ANIMALS GLOBALLY !

04 October 2012

World Animal Day

Since the official World Animal Day website was launched by Naturewatch UK on 4 October 2003, the number of events taking place throughout the world has increased year upon year, and with your help we can ensure this trend continues. And that is the aim of the World Animal Day initiative: to encourage everybody to use this special day to commemorate their love and respect for animals by doing something special to highlight their importance in the world. Increased awareness will lead the way to improved standards of animal welfare throughout the world. Building the World Animal Day initiative is a wonderful way to unite the animal welfare movement and something that everyone can join in with whether they are part of an organisation, group, or as an individual. Through education we can help create a new culture of respect and sensitivity, to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures. On this website you will find everything you need to make World Animal Day a reality in your area and there’s no better time than now to start making plans! If you care about animals, don’t miss this special opportunity to help make animal welfare issues front page news around the globe – a vital catalyst for change.


UK (England): The Live Export Saga Continues – But After A Quick Attempt At Ipswich, Exports Have Stopped Once Again !

04/10/12 – Following on from the UK being in a situation where it was no longer exporting any live animals for slaughter in Europe; things (as expected) took a sudden change.

Our post relating to the stopping of Uk exports can be seen at:

But within a week of everything stopping, the exporters became rather desperate and made efforts to change to another English port, despite the tragedy annd problems ebcountered at Ramsgate.  They made efforts to go to Ipswich port which is still in the South East of England.

Unfortunately, Ipswich port said that it was unable to refuse the trade.  Within hours of  hearing the news, people from all over the SE of England got together and decided to campaign against the trade from Ipswich.  This was very successful; as can be seen in the following:

A public meeting was called to be held in Ipswich on 28/09/12.  But just one day before this, and less than one week since the export trade moved from Ramsgate to Ipswich, the port owners at Ipswich made a declaration that they were not allowing the trade to operate any more from Ipswich port !

So again, as a result of this, the UK became free of live animal exports directly to mainland Europe.  People decided that despite the news, the planned public meeting would go ahead, which it did.  Over 200 people packed the town hall to hear speakers from KAALE. The RSPCA, CIWF and TALE.   It was a great meeting which further rallied all opposed to the live export trade from the UK.

On Tuesday 2nd October, KAALE, the Kent based anti export group, with which SAV founder Mark is also very much involved, issued a Press Release relating to the animal deaths at Ramsgate port in Kent.

You can read the PR by clicking on the following link:

SAV Version KAALE PR 2 Oct 2012

There are currently many questions to be answered by UK authorites as to why sick animals were allowed to board a transporter to be exported.  These should have been checked at departure point by a veterinary and labelled as being ‘unfit to travel’.  But someone approved them as being fit for travel, and they journeyed to Ramsgate, where lots of events unfolded, and which unfortunately resulted in the deaths of some 46 animals.

And so, as a result of both Ramsgate and Ipswich refusing to become involved futher with the live export trade, the UK (England) is once again in a position where live animals are not being exported from ANY of its ports.

All ports are being continually watched and a campaign programme has now been set up by major animal welfare organisations.  Campaigners are forever vigilant, but at this current time, the UK is once again live animal export free, which is great news !

We have a couple of poems from Liza which are dedicated to sheep and another written especially about the ‘Joline’, the ex Cold war battle tank carrier which was used to carry live animals to Europe from the UK.  This poem is called – A Ewe’s Bleat To ‘The Joline’.  You can read both of them below.

Before the poem about the ‘Joline’, you will see two photos of this vessel loaded (Via KAALE –  up with live animal transporters taking slaughter animals from the UK to mainland Europe.  This is, thankfully, currently no more !

Ode To A Dreamsheep

I love sheep,

I think they’re great.

I’d never want one on my plate!

Instead, I’d like one in my bed

So I could kiss its fleecy head

And tell it gently every night :

“Till exports stop – we’ll stay the fight.”


And those sad eyes

Would open wide.

Then knowingly it would confide;

And tell me how they really knew

Of all the things we try to do.

Then it would whisper, in my sleep :

“What you all sow, you’ll surely reap.”


Liza McDowell. 26-03-00



The ‘Joline’ – Photos by V. Cameron (KAALE)).

A Ewe’s Bleat To ‘The Joline’

Oh Joline, Joline, Joline,

You rusty boat of shame.

Your sad and wretched cargoes,

Belie your pretty name!


That you dare feature ‘Shaun the Sheep’

Upon your funnel steep,

Is not a ‘joke’ that makes us laugh,

But sick and fit to weep!


That you are passed (?) as fine to sail

Is very odd, we feel,

When all who see your ancient bows

Can tell you’re “down at heel.”


Oh Joline, Joline, Joline,

You put all sheep to fright;

You are the evil ‘Bogey-Ship’

That creeps round in the night.


No ‘spent’ or ‘barren’ ewe can rest

with ‘Eid’ approaching fast!

We dread the ports will lose their nerve

And all our fates be cast.


Our champions are on your trail,

Our welfare their concern,

With creaking decks of misery

Their loathing do you earn.


Oh Joline, Joline, Joline,

We trust that truth will win.

And those brave souls will not give up,

Till you are in the bin!


Liza McDowell. October 2012.

(Long time KAALE, CIWF, RSPCA, Humane Slaughter Association & Animal Aid member & fervent campaigner against this hateful, cruel and unnecessary trade.)


 Visit the KAALE web site at: