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Australia: When You Thought That Gillard Was The Lowest of the Low Anyway; Now Australian Export Sheep Buried Alive In Pakistan – Take Action Now !

Just when you thought the Australian government had reached the bottom of a very dirty barrel re live animal exports, now the GILLARD GOVERNMENT- ANIMAL ABUSE SUPPORTERS; have allowed this to happen to Australian live exported sheep.

Thousands of Australian sheep exported to Pakistan have been clubbed, stabbed and buried alive. 

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Take action via the ‘Animals Australia’ website:

Other press and media links:

Contact those responsible for this animal abuse directly at the following:

Send them a message:

To: Australian animal abusers;

I am thoroughly disgusted that you are exporting live sheep from Australia which end up in Pakistan, where the animal welfare procedures are evidently appalling. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

You are big time animal abusers !

Supporting live burial of exported animals ? !!

You and Gillard and her pathetic government have a lot to answer for – your abuses will always be remembered – your name is MUD, as is Gillard  !

Hopefully this will be the last straw for the Australian public opinion and will bring an end to this disgusting trade in live farm animal abuses, which you appear to get so much pleasure out of.

You are the lowest of the low.