Norway: New Horrific Images in a Decisive Year for the Fur Industry – Close Them ALL Down !

New horrific images in a decisive year for the fur industry

Once again horrendous animal suffering has been exposed on Norwegian fur farms. After ten years of delay, the fur industry has failed in its last attempt to save its own skin.

Photos from our investigation

See a small collection of photos collected during our 2012 investigation.

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The fur industry has been given countless opportunities to “improve animal welfare”, says Odd Harald Eidsmo from Animal Protection Norway. – Yet for the fourth time since 2008 we are able to uncover gross and widespread animal cruelty on Norwegian fur farms. The fur industry has failed completely in its attempt to improve the conditions for the animals. Animal Protection Norway and Network for Animal Freedom today reveal new horrific images from Norwegian fur farms.

24 fur farms from Troms in the north to Agder in the south have been inspected unannounced during the summer and the autumn. Thousands of pictures and hours of video documentation show that mink and foxes suffer on Norwegian fur farms every single day.

The government must shut down the fur farms

The inspections document how the fur industry’s attempts to clean up have been fruitless: Injured and suffering fur animals were found on all the inspected fur farms. Some of the findings were animals with legs, tails and ears bitten off, painful bite wounds and compulsive behaviour. On a farm in Hedmark, fox pups were living in a cage with their dead, rotting mother. In Telemark the inspectors found six mink with their hind legs chewed off. In Trøndelag several mink lived with severe flesh wounds on their heads from being attacked by other mink over a prolonged period of time.

-In 2002 a united parliament supported the claim that the fur industry had to achieve considerable improvements in order to avoid being shut down, says Per Arne Tøllefsen, press secretary of Network for Animal Freedom. Ten years on, the animals are still living in the same shameful conditions. We now expect the government to initiate the dismantling of the industry.

A ministerial committee is currently evaluating whether the industry should be banned in Norway.  YES – NOW – IMMEDIATELY – STOP THE ABUSE !!


*** WARNING *** – VIDEO SHOWS SEVERE ANIMAL SUFFERING for the sake of some Fur hags !


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