Netherlands: Excellent Investigation Reports Into Chicken Welfare During Loading and Transport By ‘Eyes on Animals’ (NL).


Great friend Lesley, Director at ‘Eyes on Animals’ (EoA) in the Netherlands – was recently invited to Dublin by the EU Commission regarding welfare problems for chickens during transport.

Here is the link to the EoA web site report on this as well as a summary of the event:

Eyes on Animals was invited by the EU Commission to present their findings on chicken-welfare problems during transport, and possible solutions, at their Congress held in Dublin.

The focus of the meeting was to show enforcement successes and failures of the EC legislation protecting animals during transport. EoA showed photos and short videos illustrating how the design of the transport containers for layers and broilers were often not within the scope of the EC 1/2005 requirements.

EoA also gave examples of how improvements to the design could be put into place, and talked about the workgroup they had formed in Benelux with various stakeholders open to the idea of taking action. EoA nevertheless made it clear that proper enforcement by the authorities is necessary to put an end to the 2% Dead On Arrival rate tolerated so far in the poultry world (with this not taking into account the other birds arriving alive but with serious fractures to their wings and legs).

Over two hundred participants were at the Congress- from Chief Veterinarian Officers to highway-police to industry stakeholders. Several welfare organizations were also present and supported the argument Eyes on Animals made- that there is still lots to do to create an environment where the rules are clearly set for everyone, so the welfare of the animals can be seriously protected.

EoA received a lot of positive feedback from people throughout Europe – it was clear that many people agree that the ways we collect and transport poultry are in need of reforms.

EoA have produced two excellent investigation reports regarding chicken welfare investigations during transport – it is recommended that they be reviewed.

One investigation is on the loading of spent hens into transport crates at a farm in the Netherlands, destined for a slaughterhouse in Belgium.


09.04.2013_Loading of spent hens_NL 

The other is a report on the transport of spent-breeding hens and roosters to a slaughterhouse in Poland.


Trailing of spent breeding hens and roosters from the Netherlands to a Polish slaughterhouse


If you are able, please help the continuing investigative work of EoA by giving a donation.  Click on the following:

For much more on the investigation work of EoA both on the road, at markets and in slaughterhouses, please click on:

Thanks – Mark – SAV.









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