Serbia: Introducing ‘Jessica Shelter / Help Animals’.

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Introducing ‘Jessica Shelter / Help Animals’ – Serbia.


Please give them your support.

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We are the citizens Association whose main activity is the protection of all animal species, in all circumstances, in which people are abusing, torturing, hurting and killing them. We are promoting the idea that animals are passive legal subjects and for that they have equal right to their only life, as well as any other living being of the species Homo sapiens, within there are active and passive legal subjects.

Our final goal is a society without hunting (eco-terrorism), animal testing, ritual and religious slaughtering, breeding of fur animals, intense and extensive cattle breeding, without everything that is harmful to people and animals, that is, to planet Earth. We are also promoting the idea of anti-speciesism because the beginning of the third millennium is a time when, in general, human consciousness is evolved enough to know the harmfulness of speciesism that is nourished with the egocentrism of the living being of its own kind.

The Association is founded in 1992.

From 1992 to 2000 the Association was only focused on the protection of dogs. Since 2000, when Zlata Korjenić was elected аs president, their activity included cats.

From 2000 to January 15th 2013 the main activity of the Association was the maintenance of the shelters for dogs and cats, that were part of the Association.

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Shelter “Jessica”

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‘Jessica’ (shown above), a favourite of Mrs. Zlata Korjenić, died on May 26th 2007. In her memory the cat shelter was named “Jessica”. When she was a kitten, kids named her after sexy character Jessica Rabbit from the famous cartoon “Who framed Roger Rabbit”.

Cats are extremely endangered animals in Serbia. There is not a single registered cat shelter, there are no programs aimed to solve the problem of ’pyramid multiplication’ of cats, there is no willingness by the official institutions to take part in solving of these problems. Citizens are not being educated regarding this issues, and their present knowledge is very poor. Cats are being cruelly killed by stray dogs, they are constantly being poisoned by people who put, upon their own initiative, all kinds of harmful chemicals in cellars of residential blocks, new born kittens are being drowned in water or put into plastic bags and thrown into garbage containers. Furthermore, there are numerous prejudices about cats among local people which makes their hard living even more tragic.

If you want to help cats from our shelter, we will be very grateful. Please read How to help.

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How to help

Dear friends,

if you support the idea of animal shelters, as a human way to solve the problem of abandoned cats , and if you care for animals, do not hesitate to help them.
They are living next to you, right now, and they need help!

In well organized countries, animal shelters like our i.e. the shelters where cats stay for the rest of their lives and die of natural causes, are sponsored by citizens and companies. Tradition and habit of giving is the only thing which makes them possible.

Cats from the shelters are counting on you.

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Please do what you can to support this shelter with a virtual adoption, supplying goods from the wish list or by giving a donation.

Thank you – SAV.