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Serbia: EU Parliamentary Question Raised About Shelters and Impact of Animal Welfare Conditions on EU Membership.

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Parliamentary questions

source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-//EP//TEXT+WQ+E-2013-006942+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN

14 June 2013

Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Oreste Rossi (EFD)

Subject:  Situation of animal rights in Serbia

Since 1 March 2012, Serbia has officially been a candidate for accession to the European Union. Despite the significance of the European Council’s approval, it is right to comment on the situation to date regarding the protection of animal rights in Serbia.

A number of local voluntary associations have denounced the current state of the system of catching and holding stray animals: specifically, they describe the circumstances in shelters in two Serbian towns, Temerin and Subotica. In the first of these, activists maintain that there is a clear and serious failure to comply with the laws in force in Serbia regarding the protection of animals. According to the reports, in the Temerin shelter, strays caught in the neighbouring areas are looked after for just three to seven days before being put down in accordance with former regulation No 29 of 1994 although, as the volunteers point out, this was replaced by the 2005 veterinary law a few years ago. More specifically, Article 168 of the law in question prohibits the slaughter of animals, unless they have been caught in areas where there is a rabies epidemic. For these reasons, I believe that the Temerin shelter not only fails to comply with the law, but can also be identified as a place where abandoned animals are kept for a few days before being slaughtered. As regards the Subotica kennels, which house over 1 000 dogs and has for two years been managed by local volunteers, the local authorities have recently stated that it will be closing due to a failure to comply with the rules governing its operation. According to the volunteers, although the complaints made by the authorities may be correct, there are no other places in Serbia where conditions are better, and closure will only lead to the resumption of the very widespread practice of slaughtering stray dogs in the area.

In view of the above:

Can the Commission state whether it is aware of the conditions in which animals in Serbia are kept?

Does it intend to draw the attention of the Serbian authorities to the need for better protection of animal rights?

Will it take this situation into account when negotiating on the EU acquis, and might this constitute a condition for Serbia’s accession to the European Union?




Answer given by Mr Füle

on behalf of the Commission


In line with Article 13 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the European Commission attaches great importance to animal welfare. A considerable body of Union legislation has already been adopted for the protection of animal welfare, which however does not concern the protection of stray animals. The EU’s ability to legislate only relates to specific policy areas such as agriculture, internal market, health and consumer protection.

In relation to Serbia, the management of animal shelters and populations of stray animals by the national competent authorities remains under the remit of the Serbian government and is as such not covered by the accession process.

Nevertheless, the Serbian government has informed the Commission that, following complaints regarding the situation in dog shelters in Temerin and Subotica, the Serbian Veterinary Inspectorate has carried out several inspections in the two shelters and is preparing a report on the results of those inspections.



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Parliamentary questions

10 July 2013


Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Jill Evans (Verts/ALE)


 Subject:  Treatment of dogs in Serbia


The appalling conditions at the Naš Dom state dog shelter in Požega, Serbia, and the treatment of the dogs there has been brought to my attention by one of my constituents. This treatment not only contravenes EU animal welfare laws but also Serbia’s domestic laws.

From the information I received it was reported that the dogs suffer cruelty at the hands of the workers: they are starved to death and beaten to death with clubs in an attempt to save money by reducing the number of dogs that are killed by the expensive toxin T61. They are brutally sterilised by unqualified veterinary assistants and many die as a consequence of this butchery. The conditions are filthy and many of the dead dogs are left in the same cage as other dogs. Due to this brutal abuse, it is reported that the dogs are extremely nervous and scared.

Over the past few months, there have been a number of discussions regarding the process of accession of potential future Member States of the EU, including Serbia. It would seem that much positive action will be needed on their part in order to fulfil the acquis for consideration in the area of animal welfare.

Does the Commission condemn the state’s treatment of dogs?

— Does the Commission agree that action must be taken in response to the contravention of EU animal welfare laws?

What steps will the Commission take to ensure that positive action is taken by the Serbian state to improve these conditions and hold those responsible accountable for their actions with regard to the state’s potential accession to the EU?


Last updated: 25 July 2013




Answer given by Mr Füle

on behalf of the Commission




The Commission refers the Honourable Member to its reply to written question

Serbia: Some Great News From Danica – September ‘Felix’ Shelter News.

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Hi all;

Here below you will find the latest (September) information from Danica at shelter ‘Felix’ in Serbia, which provides a forever home to cats which originally endured a life on the streets as strays.  This is a message of hope and generosity, and it proves that despite all the animal abuse stories which we unfortunately attempt to inform people about – good people, better people, there are sometimes silver linings to dreams – and this is one such (in the words of Danica) “futile and hopeless” situation which now, via a more than kind donation by a supporter, somewhere (who wishes to remain anonymous) – the entire rof at the shelter can now be replaced.  Now the cats will have somewhere safe and warm to spend their winter this year.

We cannot thank the generosity of this anonymous donor enough in bringing the shelter back from the brink, as you will see in Danica’s letter below.  So a massive ‘Thank You’ to whoever the good Samaritan is, someone who has literally saved so many lives.

I love the statement by Danica at the end of her message:

“‘It’s impossible’, said pride. ‘It’s risky’, said experience. ‘It’s pointless’, said reason.

‘Give it a try’, whispered the heart.”

Even if you have tried and your work brings you back no dividends, you have given ‘it’ a try – and that is the main thing.

Remember the words of Edmund Burke – “Evil Flourishes When Good Men Do Nothing?”

Enjoy Danica’s message of hope and very good people;

Mark – SAV Founder.





Enjoy watching all the cats in the following videos:














Frankly, a couple of weeks ago, when we published our latest update on the shelter repairs desperately pleading for help, things were bad to say the least and the overall situation seemed rather futile and hopeless. With 117 living beings to take care of every single day, with many sick kitties in need of vet care, medicine, special food, with a pile of unpaid bills and living under the shadow of the constant threat of the roof caving in, we literally hit the wall and there were no solutions to our problems anywhere in sight.  We were already giving up hope that the horribly damaged roof of the auxiliary cat rooms would be replaced before the onset of winter, as raising the $4,000 needed for the roof replacement sounded like science fiction, no matter what we tried.

When nothing goes as planned, I guess that people inevitably begin to question themselves.

Did we bite off more than we could chew? Is the idea of maintaining a cat sanctuary in Serbia totally unrealistic?

What are we doing wrong? Is there a point to posting yet another appeal for help if dozens of similar ones have passed almost unnoticed?


Watching all of the shelter kitties lying around, carefree and relaxed, blissfully oblivious to the dangers ahead was truly heartbreaking.  Lulled into a false sense of security in their home, they had no idea that their fairytale existence could be cut short at any time and I somehow felt I had betrayed them, offering  and promising them safety I obviously could not provide.  I’ve been at my wit’s end for months now trying to find a way to get all of the kitties plus the shelter through another winter unharmed, but time was running short and each new day was just bringing bigger worries…

And then, when things were at their darkest and there was almost no hope left, a gift of incredible kindness and generosity from the other end of the world restored my faith in humanity. I’m thrilled to share the best news ever, the news that stunned me and left me breathless – a wonderful lady who wishes to remain anonymous sent us the entire amount of money needed to replace the roof!

The massive repairs will begin as soon as the weather permits and with a little luck, all of the Felix kitties will be warm and dry this winter!

They will still need food and vet care, and we’ll have to raise funds to buy gas for central heating, but our new roof, once finished, will certainly be able to bear the weight of snow and endure the upcoming winter and many more winters ahead. What a huge relief!



There are no words to express our immense gratitude to this wonderful lifesaver of the Felix kitties, but also to all of our supporters who appreciate our work, share our appeals for help, contribute with their donations whenever they can and caringly show they believe in us! A huge thank you to all of you who are helping our dreams become a reality!

It takes a village to make a difference, I know, but with true friends like you, the sky is the limit!

And yes, we might be dreamers, but dreamers of a better future!

“‘It’s impossible’, said pride. ‘It’s risky’, said experience. ‘It’s pointless’, said reason.

‘Give it a try’, whispered the heart. “











If you can give anything in the way of a donation to help with food or veterinary costs it will be very much appreciated.

Here are other links associated with the shelter:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website:




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96