Romania and China Move Closer to Live Animal Export Agreement.


SAV Comment:

So now we hear that Romania and China have signed a ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ concerning animal health, we can all sleep safe in our beds knowing that any animals involved in this trade will not suffer ? ! ?

Romania ? – well we have covered enough recently on their attitude to ‘animals and animal welfare’ – and China ?

Here is the Chinese attitude to ‘animal health’:

We at SAV have,  some 25+ years experience in the live animal export trade; something which we publish on a fairly regular basis.  To say that we have any faith in a ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ concerning animal health between Romania and China is like us having faith in a new chocolate teapot arriving at the market.

Whatever happens, we will attempt to continue to expose exactly what goes on with this ‘trade agreement’ between two nations who are not exactly top of the list when it comes to good animal welfare.  They have to prove themselves and that this is worth more than just the piece of paper that was signed in this ‘agreement’; it needs to give attention to the thousands of animals that will become involved.

Yes, there are some great animal people in China and Romania doing what they can to help animals, and we fully respect them for what they are doing; but as the old saying goes, a nation is judged on how it treats its animals; regardless of anything else; and so Romania and China are generally viewed as very poor when it comes to ‘animal welfare’, despite the heroic efforts of the minority few helping animals.

We are watching this to see what happens in the coming months.



Romania and China move closer to live animal export agreement

Live pork and cattle trade between Romania and China could begin as early as November this year.

Chairman of the Romanian National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority (ANSVSA) Vladimir Manastireanu recently said trade would start after export certificates were straightened out and the necessary protocols were signed, which could happen in late October or early November.

The chairman said export certificates had almost been “harmonized” as negotiations continued with representatives from China’s veterinary services.

The parties are working through issues including the conditions that have to be met by importers and exporters, diseases to be supervised as well as quality levels.

The commencement of trade was only a “matter of time” as both parties were keen on the agreement, Manastireanu said.

The announcement follows an economic delegation to China involving the ANSVSA between September 2 and 7.

On 30 August 2013, Romania and China signed a Memorandum of Agreement concerning animal health and safety in relation to food exports, which paved the way for Romanian producers to enter China’s market of two billion inhabitants.

For the Romanian food companies, as well as for animal breeders, the memorandum also potentially opens export markets in other countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Algeria.

According to the data from Romania’s National Institute for Statistics, the total number of pigs in Romania was 5.23 million as of December last year. By head, this was a drop of 2.4 percent compared to the almost 5.4 million pigs recorded during the same period of 2011.

As for cattle, their number slightly increased from 2011 to 2012 with the number hovering around 1.26 million.

Shaun Turton,


USA: U.S. House of Representatives: Support H. Res. 736 to Ban Use Of Gas Chambers for Animal Euthanasia.


Especially for US citizens –  this is your call ! –

Please, it is essential to actually watch the video on this link in addition to signing the petition.  Click on the white arrowhead at the centre of the photograph to play the video.

Healthy dogs killed endlessly.

Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives: Support H. Res. 736 to Ban Use Of Gas Chambers for Animal Euthanasia


Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus has introduced a resolution, H. Res. 736, opposing the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals.



The resolution calls for states to alternatively use established injectable euthanasia drugs and ensure that appropriate training and certification in these methods is widely available.

6,000,000 to 8,000,000 cats and dogs are placed into the care of between 4,000 to 6,000 local animal shelters each year in the United States.  Nearly half of these animals are euthanized each year because adoptive homes are not able to be found for them.

For euthanasia to be considered humane, a technique must expeditiously cause painless unconsciousness, followed by respiratory then cardiac arrest, and ultimately death. Animals euthanized in gas chambers are often forced into confined areas with several other animals, causing unnecessary stress and aggressive behavior and can take over 30 minutes to end an animal’s life and sometimes does not result in the death of all the animals inside.

The use of gas chambers can cause a loss of consciousness and brain function in an animal only after the animal’s vital organs shut down, resulting in prolonged suffering and distress and old, pregnant, neonatal, and injured animals are often biologically unable to absorb the gas as readily as larger or healthier animals, which can prolong the stress and trauma they experience before death.

Our society is striving to become more humane in the treatment of our 4-legged friends.  Your support of H.Res 736 will put an end to an old, outdated and barbaric practice that we can no longer tolerate in good conscience.  Please support H. Res 736.

Video:  Segment from One Nation Under Dog – HBO Films directed by Jenny Carchman, Ellen Goosenberg Kent, Amanda Micheli

Full text of H. Res. 736 here:

Like Congressman Jim Moran’s Facebook at and thank him for getting this resolution before the U.S. House of Representatives for consideration.

Please share this with all your family and friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.  The more people we have backing Congressman Moran, the better.

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Animal loving friends always welcome.

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Romania / EU: Romanian Vets Say NO To Killing Healthy Animals – EU Citizens demand EU Investigation Into Funding Given By EU to Romania for Dog Control – Now In Political Pockets ?



 VETERINARIANS from Bucharest SAY NO :

– they will not perform the euthanasia on healthy animals…

A special letter, to be sent to the ANSVSA ( National Sanitary veterinary Authority ) and to the CMVR ( Romanian College of Veterinarians ) has been made available ON LINE, for all Romanian veterinarians who decide NOT to euthanise healthy animals .

The veterinarians which sent already the letter, regardless of the town where they live and practice, have explained that the euthanasia is the LAST resort when the dog has an incurable disease, which makes him suffer tremendously, or when the dogs is very very old. Euthanasia is performed ONLY by the veterinarian with the approval of the owner. Thus, if all veterinarians will support this boycott, who will euthanise the dogs ?

QUOTE from the letter
” As a veterinarian I inform you that I will note take part in the implementation of OUG 155/2001 which stipulates the “euthanasia” of dogs deeme clinically healthy, in order to diminish the number pf stray dogs on the streets, because The Veterinarians’ Code of Ethics, art.50 says : The veterinarian should abstain to perform the euthanasia with the exemption of cases where this procedure will end the pain of an INCURABLE patient.”

Also, The CMVR Decision nr. 24/03.12,20122 stipulates that the euthanasia, of dogs, with the exemption of incurable deseases represent a violation of our profession thus been banned ”
I would like to mention that euthanasia is a strictly medical procedure which is performed only on animals in a terminal state of a disease, with the only aim to end the pain, and our code of ethics does not allow me to use this procedure on a healthy animal ( physically and mentaly). The provisions of this law are abusive and have been taken without a consultation with specialists in this matter and do not represent my opinion regarding the management of stray dogs.

“The term “euthanasia ” has been deliberately chosen in order to avoid any other terminology ( assisted killing, killing without pain ) for moral and ethical reasons and also for the image which the other terms might generate. This confusion can raise an important prejudice to our profession as veterinarians and intentionaly lowers the level of acceptance of the deliberate end of a life.”

Thus I would also like a strict delimitation between the veterinarians who perfomr this procedure based on a medical report and those who will perform it on healthy animals..”


Petition Link:

Petitioning Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament




In connection with the barbaric killing of homeless dogs in Romania, we the European Community and worldwide community demand IMMEDIATE intervention from the European parliament.

Such inhumane, cruel methods applied to neutralise the problem of stray dogs should have no place in the European Union.

Remaining silent on the subject, the Commissioners, MEPs and civil servants employed in Brussels undermine the credibility and effectiveness of dealing with such problems within the European Community.

Public funds were allocated to Romania for humane solutions to the stray dog problem including spay/neuter programs but these were never implemented. The money disappeared and animals are dealt with in a most cruel way instead and euthanised in a completely inhumane manner.

The reports in the Romanian media and true eye witnesses accounts state these cheap and effective euthanasia methods including beating to death, clubbing, injecting paint thinner or other cheap toxin into the lungs, burning, drowning and poisoning with substances including antifreeze.

In the light of the evidence presented, WE DEMAND IMMEDIATE RESPONSE OF THE SUPREME AUTHORITY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION and as EU tax payers we ask you to immediately investigate how the allocated funds were spent.

A killing programme will never be successful if Romania does not implement a spay/neuter programme. WE DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE REACTION TO THIS BARBARITY.über-diskutieren-diskussion-about-it-now


Petition link:  Petitioning Save Animals asbl B.P. 96 L-8501 Redange/Attert Luxembourg

Save Animals asbl B.P. 96 L-8501 Redange/Attert Luxembourg: Darüber diskutieren!!!!! Diskussion about it now!!!!

Das Thema steht nicht auf dem Programm. Aber es wird “im Rahmen der Konferenz drei Open Discussion Slots geben, in denen spontane Themen adressiert werden. Wenn es genügend Befürworter für dieses Thema gibt, kann das sicherlich im Rahmen eines solchen Slots diskutiert werden.”


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