England UK: Time Out At the Proms With Nige (and his Cup of Tea) !


The ‘last night of the Proms’ is held as the climax to a huge musical event every year in London.

Here, on the first link below,  you can see Britain’s Nigel Kennedy; one of the top violinists in the world, playing at this years last Proms night at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Us Brits love him, he is a great entertainer as well as a superb musician.

He hates all the ‘official’ stuff of ‘pomp and ceremony’ associated so much with the classics; and introduces his own brand of humour and superb playing into the London event.

Turning up with a cup of tea, and wearing his favourite Aston Villa football club T shirt, he is very much not the norm when it comes to classical music – but that is Nige and that is why we love him.

But he is an icon in the UK and is so much loved, admired and respected by audiences. Watch him play by clicking on the following link.  London proms last night 2013 – and Nige does it proud !! – Go Nige !!

Enjoy watching this crazy but very talented Englishman by clicking on the first link below.

Live exports have dominated our work for the last week or so, but as of 9/9, we hope to get back to publishing more on this site. 

In the meantime, enjoy Nigel playing at the Proms – click on the following link: