Romania: 23/9/2013 – The Situation Is Dire With German Run Shelters Being Targetted To Act By 1/10/13 – Please Send Sample Letter Given Below to All E Mail Addresses Given In Block Listing Also Provided.


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23/9/13 – The situation in Romania for stray animals is dire – the following provides a link (and copied text) direct from the German organisation who have run a shelter for 13 years but who have now been given just 1 week (by the 1st of October) to find new homes for all their animals – an impossibility !

An 8 man team of dogcatchers are waiting outside of the shelter to capture and kill any animals – regardless of them being spayed or neutered.

Mayor Tudor Pendiuc is a complete and utter disgrace to the human race – he is corrupt and lining his own pockets with money given by the EU for the sterilization of animals.

Mayor Tudor Pendiuc is a disgrace to Romania, who given their animal welfare track record, we consider should not even be allowed to belong to the EU – Romania is led by corrupt officials such as Mayor Tudor Pendiuc – Romania is a disgrace to what is the EU. 

Go to the end of this post and see how Romania has ‘taken care’ of its young children over the years; the suspicious death of a child recently which has started this animal killing frenzy by the Romanian government – and yet they are doing very little to provide care for their orphans also.

In the following you will find a sample letter and many e mail addresses which we ask you to copy and send the sample letter to.

And what in reality is the EU really doing about this situation ?

– we have contacted the EU Parliament in London this morning (23/9) to find out what exactly the EU (external to Romania) is actually doing about this.  London assures us it is going to provide us with information, and so now we sit and wait to see exactly what this amounts to.

In the meantime, please click on the following link for information – we have repeated some of it below, but there is much more: You can translate using the top tab if necessary.


On 19.09.2013 was an official messenger of the town hall Arges Pitesti, represented by Mayor Tudor Pendiuc, pass the following letter our shelter line Ana-Maria Voicu:

The undersigned, Mayor Tudor Pendiuc, asks us in writing, the contract on 01.05.2013 taken by our Administration municipal shelter (300 meters next to our existing thirteen years Smeura) to vacate until the 01.10.2013!

Despite the current legal situation, which is currently being examined by the Constitutional Court that the killing of tens of thousands, of defenseless Romanian street dogs should be legalized, Mayor Tudor Pendiuc plans to 01.10.2013 in Pitesti and county Arges an eight-person dog catcher team in two vehicles through the streets Pitestis send to every street dog – whether spayed or neutered – capture to host in his “shelter” and after 14 days ‘lull’.

But the reality is clearly cruel, brutal and sadistic look: in the urban shelter against the Smeura to be killed by freezing Mayor Tudor Pendiuc!


Dear friends, dear Sponsors Tierhilfe Hope eV

Most of you know our work since the very beginning, therefore, for thirteen years, know about the progress, the troubles and hardships of the Animal Welfare Association with their hopes and their Smeura street dogs know. Please help the animals with your protest letters, please send them by fax, by mail, by mail, by SMS and, if possible by telephone in German, English or Romanian.

In this unjust, brutalized and uninhibited time, we must occur together strong, pull together and constantly protesting against the barbaric machinations of an EU country!

Please use our sample letter or a self-written version and write at the following addresses:

Mr / / D nl.
mayor / / Primary
Pendiuc Tudor
St Victoriei no.24
RO-110017 Pitesti jud. Arges
Romania / / Romania

Tel: 0040-248-220088 City Hall
Fax :0040-248 212 166 Town Hall.
Mobile: 0040-744-501 655 T.Pendiuc

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Please DO A BOMBARD protest to the following email addresses:;;;;;;   birgit.sippel@europarl.europa.eubritta.reimers@europarl.europa.euburkhard.balz@eu;

Please protest to the following fax numbers:

Parliament: 00 40 21 3120828

Parliament: 00 40 21 3146934

Parliament: 00 40 21 3139846

Animal Welfare Association shelter hope Smeura Pitesti / Romania

Referring to the terrible fatal incident of last Tuesday, in which the four-year Ionut Anghel had to lose his life, we want as patrons Tierhilfe Hope eV in our function and our thirteen years working in the caring and effective relief and solution to the stray dog ​​problem in Romania beginning our deepest sympathy condolences, and there is hardly a worse loss than losing a child!

We would not go into the dubious descriptions and reports about the events leading up and the questionable supervision of small Ionut, because it changes this tragedy never!

However, any clear-thinking people with heart and mind must be aware that the barbaric killing and capture and slaughter of the desultory already partially castrated dogs can no longer make any solution brings and also the small Ionut alive!

Rather, one should corrupt politicians, always and constantly interested in the own full pocket mayors and county deputies questions and accuse, why both EU and taxes are collected annually in vast sums the question of guilt, is proclaimed great, you take the problem in hand , we solve the problem civilized and reasonable time by “animal shelters” (= Romanian version of a barbaric killing station). Theoretical: technically correct euthanasia of a dog. Practical: beaten to death with a spade or diletantisch injected with anti-freeze to death)

But nothing is effectively nothing done, but want you can let the German animal protection organizations solve the stray dog ​​problem.

The animal protection organizations are alone, without the aid of this most disinterested criminal and ignorant rulers at the political level, not the master of disaster, because: who is doing nothing for decades, can not wait to have solved in the shortest time any grievance!

A simple calculation with sustainability and civilized Zeitgeist would be: All in Romania located ligand stray dogs around to castrate to leave them after the natural way on the road to be old without it continues to increase, 10-15 years in Romania would be freed from the street dogs!

Without massacres and barbaric killing methods without. But when the country’s government and its top politicians anew prefer every year, to invest the appropriate funds into dark channels or in their own interests, to German animal protection groups make only a drop in the said ocean, – and Ionut does not remain the only victim tangled politics of inefficient management, corruption and naked brutality against likewise also the pain and joy sentient creatures!

The Animal Welfare hopes eV derives from April 2000 on location in Pitesti, Mosoaia-Smeura, county Arges, 110 km north of Bucharest / Romania, the largest animal shelter in the world-a title which should not-but sound great reflects the indictment of a country in the EU !

Because if he was dragged from the beginning together, city councils, mayors, politicians and animal welfare organizations were already gone full effectiveness of the calculated thirteen fifteen years!

“If it is not across generations, zeitgeist accordingly and clearheaded traded, and will not be used humanely and effectively for the only solution, namely the widespread castration with registration, vaccination and written capture all stray animals, as well as a rethinking of the mentality regarding the farm dogs by their owners takes place, Romania stands with his back to the wall and shows once again that they are capable of killing other than barbaric, sadistic murder and horizon-less mindless stupidity for nothing else! “

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013 was negotiated in Bucharest in front of the Parliament, and enacted the killing Act 2012 passed again, a clear decision of the current situation is to 06 October 2013 to expect!

In addition to demonstrations, educational work among the population and also in schools, we save pursued dogs throughout the county Arges, castrate up to 52 dogs a day to complete castration contracts with uncooperative mayors of smaller towns and larger cities and are as effective and well in our work Continue as possible.

The population is currently in a panic situation! To perfusion with diesel and then lighting a frightened adult dog in the city center there was already so far! Before the shelter since last Tuesday Smeura were 756  dogs exposed or exposed in the forest before our Smeura.

“Animal welfare concerns us all”!!

The Animal Welfare Association is hoping with its currently just 4ooo dogs on location in Romania and asks for your help in the form of letters of protest, education, and donations to further activity!

On September 10, 2013 was set at temporary injunction that Romania’s stray dogs can be killed. Please help urgently to stop this massacre by your letter of protest.

On 06 October is a further vote or the final legislation will be announced in writing by the Constitutional Court in Bucharest. The current hour, the Romanian population is due to expire manipulated media influences and not reflected sense to no empathy in the position and in a kind of murder.

Within Romania killing the dog has now become a national sport of different people who are currently beyond the cruelty done to the dogs any ideas!

We are currently using two vehicles traveling around the clock to try to solve conflicts within the population, catch dogs and give them an extra in our Smeura, we also castrate without interruption!

Why not recognize Romania’s politicians that only bring the widespread neutering a sustainable and effective solution!

Tierhilfe Hope eV
Matthias Schmidt (1.Vors.)
Black Hau Weg 7
72135 Dettenhausen

+49 (0) 7157/61341 @ animal

Account for donations: 2.48046 million, BLZ: 641 500 20, Tübingen Savings Bank
IBAN: DE47 6415 0020 0002 4804 60




Romania guilty 

*** Sample Letter ***

(send to the block e mail addresses provided in the Block listing provided above):


For the attention of the Romanian Authorities:

We regret the tragedy of the child killed by dogs. Such dramas Should not repeat. But if you insist in applying the same methods of dog mass murder did has been Conducted in Romania for 20 years and did has not resolved the problem-in the streets, this risk Will Remain permanent.
We do not understand the interests of the Romanian Authorities to continue or implement Implements again did a method has proven over the world to be failed, expensive, but immoral as well, shameful.

We do not understand why, despite all the evidence:

  • the benefits of dog sterilization
  • the results Obtained in Oradea, where, by the sterilization and return programs, the number of stray dogs Decreased from 5000 to 300
  • the outcomes of the World Health Organization’s study (under taken between 1981 and 1988) Concluding did “the euthanasia program or incarceration Which are both inefficient and expensive”
  • the experiences of other countries that, after years of mass murder without effect, implemented mass sterilization laws having noticeable effects,

You do not accept to implement Implements the only solution for managing the dogs, did is the sterilization and return of the gentle and healthy stray dogs, compulsorily Accompanied by the sterilization of dogs with owners did are the main source of street dogs by Abandoning mass. Approximately 5 million puppies are born in Romania in rural areas every year, some of them being killed by their owners and the others being abandoned in the street. . So long as the dogs with owners will not be sterilized, through coherent program, the streets will never be free of dogs
We therefore remind you:


  • the Constitutional Court of Romania DECIDED (Decision 1/2012) did euthanasia is ILLEGAL stray dogs as a management method until all other solutions have been applied Properly, with Uniformly and responsibility by Local Authorities
  • The Lisbon Treaty (art. 13 TFEU) states did the “animals are sentient beings”
  • the European Parliament Resolution of 4 April 2012 on the establishment of an EU legal framework for the protection of pets and stray animals (2012/2670 (RSP)


Romania is Already known by animal cruelty.
, Please, be advised if did the killing of dogs starts, we will show to the Entire world the reality of the dog camp we will notify worldwide about the financial interests behind the business of killing dogs, we will withdraw any support givenName did we have so far to your country, we will boycott Romanian products and tourism, as no one will want to associate with a corrupt, cruel and immoral country.

Name ……………..

Country ………………….

Romania guilty

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