England: SAV Gives Its Full Support To Mr. Keith Taylor MEP And All Green Party Candidates At The Euro Elections On 22nd May 2014.

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Above – Mr. Keith Taylor – Green Party MEP for South East England.

 SAV Comment –

On 22nd May 2014 the British public, along with other European citizens throughout the EU will have the opportunity to elect their representatives for the European Parliament for the next five years and get the chance to directly influence the European legislative process.

You can click on the following link to see the current (pre 22nd May) MEP situation throughout Europe.

Simply select and country from the map to see all the MEPs which currently represent that nation.


SAV are a UK organization, and so for example, we will concentrate on the UK.  In total, 73 Euro-MPs will be elected to represent the United Kingdom, tasked with reflecting the interests of their constituents. Whilst they may cover a range of views from Europhile to Eurosceptic, it is important to recognise the significant protection given to animals and the environment through European policy, which in many ways exceeds the provisions of national policy.

The following link and information has been provided by the UK based ‘Born Free Foundation’.   http://www.bornfree.org.uk/    – as members of BFF we feel it is essential to repeat the EU elction information prior to the votes of Thursday 22nd May 2014.

Please click on the following link to read much more from the Born Free Foundation about the EU elections.


We thank BFF for providing this tabulated information.

We feel that it is fair to say, in our opinion only, some of the statements made by some in the ‘political parties’ table via the above link can be taken as valid; we state that in out opinion, some statements made are also very ‘pie in the sky’.  One political party claims its aim is to ‘To ban live animal export’, a very easy statement to make, but no so easy to do, as with my other work on animal issues – see ‘KAALE’ in ‘About Us’  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/  , I have personally been campaigning for some 25 years to stop live animal exports from the UK.  As some parties say, ‘Our aim’ is often very different to the actual reality which is afforded them.  Simply,  the UK just pulling out of the EU is no guarantee that the UK would then ban live exports; far from it; and it certainly will not be of benefit to UK campaigners who are trying to help ALL EU animals being transported throughout the EU; be it from the UK to France, or the Netherlands to Spain, for example..

Further to this, and back to the UK, in order to amend UK national legislation, it is necessary for ‘the’ political party concerned to have a majority of MPs in Parliament, in order to get the legislation approved / amended.  The party making the claim to ban live exports does not currently have even one (1) member of parliament in the UK; so we consider that these words are simply messages sent out to try and obtain votes; when the reality is, that without a political majority in government, the promises will never become a reality.

We as an NGO, attempt to keep track of the political situation – what UK political parties are doing, rightly or wrongly.

We will put our cards on the table here and now and give our full and utmost support to the Green Party.

keith taylor 1

Keith Taylor – Green Party  MEP – with equine friend 

As you can see from the following links, Green MEP for the South East of England, Mr. Keith Taylor; has gone out of way to specifically help us regarding the welfare of stray animals in Serbia.  At this present time, Serbia is not even a member state of the EU, but Mr. Taylor; a very dedicated animal welfare campaigner, has decided that our case for helping Serbian animals is a strong one, and he has personally given his full help and backing to our work.  Here are some links which directly show this:




Keith works very much with London Green MEP Jean Lambert and regularly publishes a magazine for animal welfare which is called ‘Making Tracks’    Keith has spoken out with many UK citizens on the issue of the UK badger cull, an issue which you know we have carried a lot of posts about over the past year or more.

Unlike almost other MEPs of other political parties, Keith runs an animal rights / welfare section on his website – which you can view at:  http://www.keithtaylormep.org.uk/category/animal-rights/

I am sure that all of the above will give you the justification why we are fully behind Green Party MEP Mr. Keith Taylor in the European Elections for 22nd May 2014.  If you are a South East England citizen, we hope that you too will support Keith.  If you are from another regional part of the UK, or a Euro citizen in another EU member state, we hope that you too will give your full support to Green candidates in the May 22 elections.

There are other MEPs from SOME other political parties who have given their support to one or two animal welfare issues.  Others have completely ignored us and our requests for them to  give issues support in the European Parliament.  Well, ignore us some of them have done; but like every politician, at the end of the day, sometime, they will be out for our support and vote(s).  Keith and the Green party have shown that they are completely dedicated to the Green party attributes of providing help and support to all issues that aid the welfare and lives of animals – something that we consider so very important.

Please give your support to green MEPs on 22nd may and together we can work to make the EU and even better place for animals and their welfare.

Finally, I would like to thank Keith for his help and support with our campaign work and attempts to make life for stray animals in Serbia just that bit better.  It’s a long, winding road to get this, but as the saying goes; Rome was not built in a day.

If you want better animal welfare, then

Please vote  Green Party at the Euro Elections.

Regards Mark – SAV Founder; Kent, England.


Visit the work of KAALE and live animal transport issues at  http://www.kaale.org.uk/

Mark is also the EU Correspondent for KAALE – See https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ on THIS SAV site for more info on Marks work regarding live animal transport.






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