Serbia: Further Update 17/5 – Donations Required to Move Dogs to Higher, Safer Ground Which Has Been Found – Can You Give to Help Their Safe Relocation ? – Please !

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Further Update – 17/5/2014 – Funds Needed to get dogs to higher, safer ground.  Please help.

Marie Heaton-Wright



One of our kennels is cut off by the flood waters. Civil protection has started and the military are evacuating all people from the area.

Animals are not allowed on the helicopters or boats for evacuation.

Our kennel owners family have already been evacuated.

Our kennel owner is refusing to leave the dogs, but will be forcibly removed very soon.

The dogs will be left alone to perish in the floods.

She is preparing food for them in case the worst happens before we find a solution.

We have found high ground with fencing and are trying to arrange an evacuation, but will need funds for preparing the area (fence repairs and temporary shelter for the dogs) and to move the dogs (we are trying to find a way to access the kennels which is now cut off via road).

Please help us save these dogs. These dogs were rescued from the Pozega horror shelter and have been in our care for up to a year. These are our dogs who we have supported for months and months.

Some already have homes waiting for them. We cannot let them die like this.

Every penny helps.

As soon as we have more details of costs and plan we will update this fundraiser, but needed to launch it now so we have funds in place as soon as they are needed.

Thank you for your support.

Donate securely at:

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Serbia: Flood Update 17/5 – Water May Have Diverted And Save Dogs From Death – Unconfirmed. Still No Contact With Serbia.

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Update – 17/5/2014

We have just had the following message from Marie, here in the UK. We can only hope that the water has diverted before reaching the pound. Thank you for the comments that have been left.

The situation is still that we cannot contact anyone in Serbia to get a better view of the situation, but we are thinking ahead now to what actions we can take re the future and the fact that the authorities abandoned the dogs even when there were people prepared to help and save them.

Marie writes the following:   Marie Heaton-Wright It sounds like the floods have caused a channel (broken embankments maybe), so some of the water around the Pozega pound has diverted from the kennels. So we are praying some of the dogs have been spared.

We know some have died, but unfortunately disease is also rife in Nas Dom at the moment (parvovirus and distemper).

Our volunteers are trying their best to gain access to rescue the dogs xx



You can e mail the following government officials; asking them to help the animals:,,,,