Romania: Petition – Mr Mayor, Stop The Killing of Dogs in the Giurgiu Public Shelter and Conntinue to Work With German Welfare Groups.




Petition in deutsch, english, romana




To Mr. Barbu, Mayor of Giurgiu and all the city councils from the PSD

We the signers of this petition challenge you not to begin with the killing of dogs in the Giurgiu public shelter and to continue the co-operation with the German animal protection group DsN.eV to continue caring for the dogs and work towards a sustainable and permanent solution for Giurgiu’s street dog problem.

The contractually regulated co-operation between the Giurgiu town administration and the DsN.eVhas been in effect for 2.5 years. The contract stipulates that among other things the DsN e.V secures the complete supply of food, the standard treatment of dogs (inoculations, chip implants,castration and de-worming). The DsN e.V also contributes to the costs of constructional changes and supplies consumer goods such as washing powder, water bowls and food troughs. In return the town desists in killing the dogs.

This co-operation has been running for 2.5 years. In this time the DsN e.V has invested around €350,000 of donated money in the shelter and the region of Giurgiu. If one takes into account the purchase and extension of the property for our dogs, we have invested a sum in excess of a half a million Euros.

The town has saved this money, and according to the town employee, Mr. George Palalau the shelter has a budget of 20,000 Euros per month. What happens to this budget we can only guess. The wages in the shelter are not high, excrement is not properly disposed of. It is simply tipped into the bushes next to a recreational area. The refuse disposal comes irregularly and rubbish is disposed of in the country. The veterinarian who should be paid by the town for all other treatment, tumour operation, treatment of bite wounds etc has not received payment for several months. We challenge you to use the available money sensibly and sustainably eg for the castration of strays and dogs with owners.

A new shelter construction to west European standards has been promised several times in as many meetings. Use the money for that!

Romania has the duty to set chip implants, registration and castration of the dogs. Please ensure that this is enforced and controlled in Giurgiu, as so often discussed.

Other towns in Romania have understood that only blanket castration can stop the problem effectively. The shelter management under Ms. Isaia and Mr. Palalau is causing the shelter to deteriorate. The cleaning work is unacceptable, there is no pack management practised and death through illness and injury are consciously accepted. Mr. Barbu, you gave your word. No more rounding up of puppies, mothers with puppies or dogs that have already been castrated.

Mr Barbu you have the choice, whether you want to be one of the innumerable communities in Romania who go the seemingly simple way of killing, or if you want to continue with an exemplary project in German-Romanian animal welfare and find a long term sustainable solution for the stray dog problem in Giurgiu.

Other towns and cities in Romania would be happy about investments and the positive image in Europe that goes with it.

Please make the right decision for Giurgiu, for the dogs and for your own conscience.



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