Iran Circus UPDATE 13/5/2014 – Hopefully Some Good News For The Circus Animals.




UPDATE 13/5/14.

Our post of 12/5/2014 including the terrible video link – please watch it. –  


The following to be edited on 14/5. – Info as presented at current time.

From: fatemeh []
Sent: 13 May 2014 14:38
Subject: RE: IRAN – Animals in Gheshm!

Dear xxx,
Here is the contact info of Department of environment.

Please ask people to call them and send them a fax  asking them to do something:

phone: 42781000-021 ( general)

phone: 42781912/ 42781889-021 ( wildlife)
Fax: 42781913-021

Phone: 42781912/ 42781889-021
Fax: 42781913-021

There is an article on  Hormozgan department of environment ( Hormozgan is the state; Gheshm is a city) official  websites that I am trying to translate and send you a summary .

Here is the link:

The article says:
This circus neither have a permit nor the health certificate for the animals!!!

They could use the Nowruz holidays and  the chaos of that time to enter Gheshm and perform their show during the holidays ( I don’t how it is possible with SO many animals and equipment. F.).

But, the authoroties found out later on and closed the circus and ask them to obtain health certificate for the animals. Something that the owner/manager of the circus wasn’t able to accomplish .

It adds that the department of environment added to the number of the cages and is waiting for necessary permits to transfer the animal to somewhere else.”

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share it with your friends.

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