Serbia: Petition – To Milovan Mićović, Mayor of Pozega; Close Down The Dog Concentration Camp NOW.

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Target: Milovan Mićović, Mayor of Pozega

Goal: Shut down the inhumane JKP Nas Dom dog pound

A dog shelter regularly referred to as a “concentration camp for dogs” by animal rights activists is operating in the town of Pozega, Serbia.

The JKP Nas Dom dog pound is responsible for bringing in stray dogs from Pozega’s streets. However, the pound is notorious for its cruelty to the dogs incarcerated there—neglect, beatings, starvation and murder are regular occurrences.

Sign this petition to pressure local authorities to close down this kill shelter and save hundreds, if not thousands, of stray dogs from horrific suffering.

Groups are working to promote adoption of animals in the JKP Nas Dom pound, but funds are running low and adoption needs to be outsourced to other European countries, as adopters cannot be found in Serbia alone. In the meantime, the horrific stories of barbarism are enough to warrant an order to close the facility.

Animal rights activists have witnessed accounts of dogs that are so weak and emaciated that they no longer react to the terrible beatings they are given. They have also seen a mother of pups watching her young die on the cold, hard ground while the pups that still live eat the remains of their siblings just to stay alive. Dogs are starved before they are killed, sometimes by lethal injection without sedation or often by beating and strangulation.

The horror stories coming from this facility are almost beyond belief. We need to pressure local authorities to close JKP Nas Dom down and find better ways to control the stray population.

Sign this petition to save countless more dogs from miserable lives of torture and death.


Dear Mr. Mićović,

I was outraged to learn of the cruel abuse taking place at the JKP Nas Dom dog pound in Pozega. Horrific stories have been written of the facility’s practices: dogs so starved and weak that they no longer react to awful beatings, mothers forced to watch as their pups die and be eaten by the surviving litter, and dogs being beaten and strangled to death.

Although some groups are trying to save these animals by promoting their adoption, funds have ceased and now the stray dogs are forced to live through torture and misery in the JKP Nas Dom pound. There is no reason that dogs should be treated in this way. The stray dog problem in Serbia can be solved by spaying and neutering to ensure that the stray population does not grow.

This horrific facility needs to be closed down. The terrible suffering of these stray dogs cannot be measured by any of our standards. Stories so appalling that they seem unbelievable are common from JKP Nas Dom, but we cannot let the suffering of these animals continue.

Please allow these stray dogs to find homes with loving owners. Stop the torture and death in the animal concentration camp that is JKP Nas Dom, and finally close this cruel facility.


[Your Name Here]

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