Serbia: 24/11/14 – Quick Overview Of Some Of the Latest At Felix Shelter.

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Dear all

Danica has  kindly contacted us today to give us an overview of the situation at Felix shelter.

So below is a short summary of events.  As you will see; keeping a good supply of gas (via large bottles) is the next big issue to ensure that all the cats are kept warm during the harsh Serbian winter.  If you feel you can donate any amount, then everything is always most welcome.  Donation links are given at the end of this post.

So here is a short summary of the current situation from Danica:

  • Many kitties are not feeling well, they must be affected by the weather just like we are, so the oldest, chronically ill and disabled ones are having a hard time.

  • Those with acute health problems are under treatment, but all we can do for the geriatric kitties, (we have quite a lot of them), is to feed them high quality food and give vitamin supplements to help them get through the day and stay with us for as long as they can.

  • Tik’s leg amputation surgery was performed a couple of weeks ago and everything went well, he was also neutered at the same time as I wanted to avoid the risk of putting such a young kitty under general anesthesia twice in such a short period of time. He’s been receiving antibiotics and had his bandages changed daily for a week and is recovering extremely well.

  • Unfortunately, his little sister Tok is seriously ill, and the vet suspects she has FIP. Prognosis is poor if he’s right but I still hope he’s wrong and I’m doing everything I can to help her.

  • Tufnica and Njanja look a little better although they’ve suddenly become picky eaters, which is not good as they are both very skinny. It’s not that they’re not eating, but their food preferences are changeable and I never know what kind of food they will be willing to accept.

  • Echo is still being fed Royal Canin veterinary urinary SO food, and I hope the surgical removal of her bladder stones won’t be necessary.

  • Morgan is slightly improving, he’s finally eating but his nose keeps blocking up despite the drugs he’s receiving that are helping to clear the mucus out. Whenever he sneezes droplets of blood are coming out of his nose but he seems to be breathing a little easier afterwards. He’s still under treatment and everyday’s visits to the vet are the norm already, but he’s a genuine fighter that refuses to give up and his chances are increasing with each passing day.

  • Tink was spayed a couple of days ago and everything went well although she had a little trouble waking up from the general anesthesia. Her wound is healing nicely, she behaves normally and her life is back into its cozy routine.

Now we’re trying to raise funds for gas for central heating, we should’ve begun weeks ago, but we had to finish the shelter repairs first. Not a day goes by without new problems…

With sincere thanks


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