Germany: The auto industry is at a distance from its own research association.


Hallo Mark,

I send you my thoughts about the “scandal” with people and monkey experiments, for which BMW, VW and Daimler must be responsible.
It is the best example of an outrageous lie.
best regards


In September 2015, the automaker Volkswagen had confessed that in eleven million diesel cars, a special software was installed to manipulate the readings of the pollutant nitric oxide.
It was the exhaust gas scandal in the US.
Car Chancellor Merkel had done nothing at that time to protect the people. This shows clearly how this country politics and car industry help each other!

Recently in January 2018, comes the scandal of monkey trials (in the US) and human trials (in Aachen, Germany).
Actually, monkeys were exposed much earlier (in the year 2014) in the USA to the toxic substance nitrogen oxide.

For four hours, the animals should stay in rooms with exhaust gases, and take part in experiments that were equipped with manipulated exhaust technology.
That was in the context of the research of the association EUGT.
This club was founded in 2007 by BMW, Daimler, and VW together with Bosch. On the board of the association were managers of BMW, Daimler, VW and a Professor Dr. Helmut Greim from the Technical University of Munich.

After these animal experiments, this club vigorously promoted “clean diesel”, claiming “the diesel engine is unproblematic from an environmental point of view and even a modern diesel cleans the air”.
Lobbying just.

Then this exhaust scandal came to light.
The results on monkeys in the US were an outrageous lie, in reality they all lied.
The nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is so damaging that even the EU Commission will now bring an action before the EU Court against Germany.
But the exhaust gas scandal (which actually had only one goal: to market the diesel engine) was already known before the experiments with people and apes today became known.

And now the carmaker Daimler says: “We dissociate and expressly from the study of the EUGT”
VW explains: “The Volkswagen Group clearly distances itself from all forms of animal cruelty. BMW also says, “the board condemns animal testing.”
Chancellor Merkel also intervenes: “These tests on monkeys or even humans are ethically in no way justifiable.” The indignation of many people is completely understandable “.
All three members of the association EUGT agree that they have nothing to do with the cause.

The auto industry is at a distance from its own research association.
How is it possible?
The auto industry gives us an explanation: “All EUGT research has been carried out by well-known universities and researchers”.
Oh, right?
Now we know it, it’s the professors to blame.
We can all breathe deeply the exhaust of the lie, as monkeys or humans, in this case it`s the same.


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