Serbia: Zajecar City – Stray Dog Capture Using the False Declaration of ‘Rabies’.


Below is an un-edited text which has very recently been provided to us.

We are currently working to obtain contact details for all organisations and persons detailed.  These will be posted onto this site as soon as further information is obtained in order that further action can be taken.

Some of our past posts relating to the invention of ‘rabies outbreaks’ to justify the mass killing of stray animals:



Good day. I want to appeal a huge animal abuse in east Serbia town named Zajecar.

It all began in early March, two days after “rabies” alarm was raised – of course, false alarm. Stray dogs, and even dogs with owners (example: Ogi, poodle, who was repeatedly smashed onto the concrete, until he died) were being caught!
Dogs were being hunted down all over the town and the surrounding area. They were caught with snatchers made of thin wire which cut into their throats choking them; they were then pulled to the truck and stuck to the ground upon which the second dogcatcher would grab the dog’s throat with big pliers, lift and throw the dog onto the truck. The trucks are modified i.e. the back part is removed, and something like a cage is welded onto it.

Mass captures and killings were authorized by the Veterinary unit JKP and AZRA PRODANOVIĆ – Chief Veterinary Inspector of the Republic of Serbia. (JKP – Javno Komunalno Preduzece – Municipal Utility Company)
We have written to KURIR, BLIC, NOVOSTI, to no avail. We have also contacted animal protection associations EPAR and ORCA, who did respond and, as they said, sent letters to JKP. RADIO TELEVIZIJA ZAJEČAR – a local TV station – reported on the action.
The authorization was valid until 10th June 2010, meaning they “needed” 3 months after the false rabies alarm was raised, giving them plenty of time to catch and kill dogs!!!
The dogs were held in JKP Kraljevica in cages for a length of 2 to 3 days after which they were killed. Some dogs were killed the same day they were caught due to lack of space. Another reason for killing them immediately was, according to our information, because the photographs of dogs, one on top of the other, held in cages, were published!!!!

EPAR organization sued JPK at the very beginning of the action but nothing happened. ORCA organization wrote to them but nothing happened!!!!
JKP KRALJEVICA is where the dogs were held and killed. Dead bodies were taken to the dump HALOVO in close proximity to Zajecar, where they were buried. We have also received information that some dogs were buried alive – that was a rumor spreading through the town. The reason for this was, as we were told, that in order to put a dog down the drug T61 has to be administered one gram of the drug per kilo weight, and the dogs were not given the proper dose of the drug, meaning they were still alive when buried on Halovo!!!!!!!
The most important and at the same time the saddest fact is that on 17th March 2010, the Director of JKP Kraljevica hung a sign on the gate, as ordered by the Republic Veterinary Inspector Azra Prodanovic, forbidding VISITING, FEEDING, TAKING PHOTOS AND RE-HOMING of the dogs!!!!
People came a few times to try to re-home a dog, to feed them, and they WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO SO!!!!! When they asked WHY?, they were told “the boss said so”!!!
They were told to come on Monday 22nd March 2010. The citizens came and found COMPLETELY EMPTY CAGES, all the dogs to be seen on the photographs below, about a hundred of them, were gone, disappeared mysteriously in the night between 20th and 21st of March 2010!!!

They caught and killed over 800 dogs starting from march to june.  Declaration of rabies is ended around 15th June.

And all over started again on 19th October, again they declared rabies in Zajecar, and started to haunt and kill all stray dogs. They haunt them every day, and kill them every day, because Zajecar doesn`t have dog shelter. Today they caught them, today they kill them all.

Our dog catching service who works for PUC Kraljevica, does not have licence to catch stray dogs in normal conditions, because EPAR from Subotica in past times sue them. And they came to an idea, declare rabies, haunt and kill all stray dogs in Zajecar, until next false rabies declaration.

Director of puc Kraljevica is Miloš Jotović, and two dog catchers who does this horrible things are Nebojša Vladulović, and Saško who is on video choking a dog. We cannot find his full name and sur name, its well hidden. This is address of puc kraljevica bellow.





Switchboard: (019) 421-747
Director: (019) 421-222
Secretary: (019) 421-917
Accounting: (019) 422-872
Fax: (019) 425-234

Goran Bračun from Zaječar filmed this dog animal abuse in park full of children, and his is the witness of choking. He tryed to save the dog from dog catchers, but he was pushed away by them, and he started to film for evidence. Police who came later said that Goran is the one who is making problems, not dog catchers, he wanted to show to police the dog, video, police just said to him that its not in their jurisdiction, and told him to address to society for the protection of animals. Goran was on television PINK and B92 news, in ALO and KURIR newspapers, and no one paid attention.

We have sent you original video of choking dog on 30.10.2010 and another video who is combining all pictures of abused dogs and choking dogs.

So can you please help us, this is again happening every day in Zajecar, and must be stopped.
Thank you.

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