Canada: New Undercover Video by ‘Mercy For Animals’ Shows Baby Turkeys Mutilated & Ground Up Alive at Butterball Hatchery.





Baby Turkeys Mutilated & Ground Up Alive at Butterball Hatchery

New Undercover video expose link:

Dear Mark,

A new investigation by Mercy For Animals has once again uncovered horrific cruelty to animals at Butterball — the world’s largest producer of turkey meat.

During the undercover investigation, this time at a Butterball turkey hatchery, MFA’s hidden cameras documented:

Baby birds being callously tossed into a macerating machine to be ground up alive

Workers roughly throwing and dropping newborn animals with no regard for their welfare

Newly hatched birds regularly getting stuck in and mangled by factory machinery

Turkeys having their sensitive toes and beaks cut or burned off without any painkillers

This Butterball turkey hatchery alone processes more than 300,000 baby turkeys per week. Mercy For Animals has turned over its evidence to local law enforcement, which is currently considering criminal animal cruelty charges.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a hidden-camera investigation has exposed blatant animal abuse at a major turkey meat supplier.

MFA’s 2011 Butterball investigation caught workers kicking and stomping on turkeys, and bashing in their heads with metal pipes. That investigation led to a raid of the Butterball facility by state law enforcement officials and felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty convictions against five Butterball workers, including the first-ever felony cruelty to animals conviction related to factory-farmed poultry in U.S. history.

Then, in 2014, Mercy For Animals Canada recorded nearly identical abuses at Hybrid Turkeys, a major turkey supplier in Canada.

On top of all of this horrific violence, Butterball’s turkeys, just like those at Hybrid, endure selective breeding to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them suffer from painful bone defects, hip joint lesions, crippling foot and leg deformities, and fatal heart attacks.

This has got to stop! Please join Mercy For Animals in calling on Butterball to implement meaningful animal welfare policies and end its cruelest factory farming practices. Click here to sign the petition

Then, share the undercover investigation with friends, family, and colleagues and encourage them to take action as well.

Finally, please consider taking a personal stand against animal abuse by exploring a diet free of eggs, dairy, and meat. Visit to learn more.

For the animals,

Krista Osborne
Director of Operations
Mercy For Animals Canada

P.S. Want to support our vital work? Click here to make a donation


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