UK: Finally, Minister Owen Paterson Is Sacked – Climate Change, Badger; Live Export, Bee and Animal Welfare Campaigners Celebrate Big Time !!



owen paterson

The badgers have had their say !!

Yes! The government’s climate sceptic environment secretary,Owen Paterson has been sackedat last, after thousands of us put his incompetence in the spotlight.

Owen Paterson refused to accept climate change is happening because of the things humans do. He wouldn’t even meet with scientific advisors.

The badger cull which was started to investigate Bovine TB, but which did not even test killed badgers to see if they were carrying the disease; along with his ignorance of the evidence presented by many national welfare organizations re live animal exports / transport; also combined with the shambles seen earlier this year re massive flooding in parts of the UK, has now resulted in Owen Paterson being sacked from his position as government Minister in todays (15/7) Conservative Party reshuffle.

Owen Paterson’s replacement; new Environment Secretary Liz Truss might do a better job; although it cannot really be any worse than what has been experienced !

Will she turn out to be a climate denier like Owen Paterson? Or will she quickly announce she’s taking a better approach, and plans to meet with chief scientific advisors?

As the new head of Defra; which makes her responsible for most animal welfare issues; we greatly hope that Ms Truss will start to take the many actions that self opinionated Paterson has rejected during his time in government.

Today, 15th July 2014 is a day that many people will be celebrating. In an ironic way, the many badgers that were killed in the government led mass cock-up known as the badger cull trials have at last got something back – a kind of badger karma.

Goodbye Mr. Paterson; no thanks for nothing; you were a waste of space from the start and we are all now rejoicing that you are once again sent back to the ‘back benches’ of the UK political system.

A great day for common sense and to get rid of useless baggage.

Badg 3

Badger cull I Jan 16 2014


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badger artwork

Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Roche truck

Sheep Exports-Calais

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1





Serbia: Shelter Felix – Thank You For Your Donations To Date, But There Is Still A Long Way To Go To Cover All Costs !

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All photographs from shelter ‘Felix’.



Danica at shelter ‘Felix’ has had some very kind donations towards the vost of the roof repairs; and we thank anyone who has helped.

But the shelter is nowhere near being able to currently get the costs covered by what has been provided – additional donations are urgently required.

You can see our full post regarding the roof repairs at the following:

On the following links you can see all the work that is being undertaken to provide a safe and secure home for the cats – and it all costs lots of money. Please give anything you can – thank you.

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You can donate directly onto the Felix shelter sites as per the following links:

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 Thank you to everyone who has kindly given to help the shelter !