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Dear all;

Many thanks to everyone who has left so many very positive comments on the site – we are grateful but due to workloads and limited manpower cannot address each comment by return.  Today alone we have had around 140 comments; you can see many of them on the site.

Some people are asking specific questions about the site and formats used etc; so I will try and give some quick answers and links if necessary.

Q1  Can we give links to your site on our site ?

A1  Please feel free to give a link to anything on our site if it is of help with your campaigning.


Q2  What system are you using ?

A2  I think most of the points relating to the site are covered in the post published fairly recently –   https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2013/10/19/from-the-founder/ 



There are some great free blog sites around – take advantage of them.

At SAV, we use WordPress – http://wordpress.com/    so I would strongly suggest to use this.

http://wordpress.org/showcase/  – there are loads of formats to choose from for your site, you can really give your site a professional feel.

The global map or Clustrmap is free and you can sign up to getting one from our own map – just click on our par site on the left hand side and you will be taken to a bigger map – and underneath the world map there is a registration window where you  can register for a clustrmap.  Or click here:  http://www4.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?user=9b44b4e0


You probably wont need it for any individual ‘personal’ blog site, but we like to add flags representing nations for any issues that we cover.  All our flags for each post are copied over into ‘My pictures’ from the global flags website – http://www.flags.net/mainindex.htm

Just select your country required from the A-Z index and then when the flag appears, copy it onto ‘My Pictures’ and store for future use.

Most of our images are via the massive animal welfare / rights network global network that we are part of.  We are sent many stories and issues every day, but you can always use Google images to find an image you may want.  Just watch copyright though – sometimes much best to credit the photographer, especially if a newspaper image is used.

Unfortunately we are not on Twitter (yet).

There is an SAV Facebook site which can be accessed via the following. We have over 1,000 animal welfare members and supporters, so why not sign up to become yet another ?:


Do we have internet browser compatibility problems?

Not as far as we can tell ! – everything works fine via WordPress and we think that people can just put any keyword or words into their browser and then chances are we may pop up as one of the sites.  Things that people may use to find us are for example:

– russian teenager kills a poor puppy

– animal cruelty stories 2011

– horses in bullfighting


Regards Mark

Founder SAV.


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England: Badger Cull Kills Over 2,000 Animals and Finds Just ONE Case of BTB – Oh; At A Cost To UK Taxpayers Of £8 Million !!



S Ex badgers

As many of you regulars to the site know, being based in England UK, we have been campaigning against the UK government badger cull since its inauguration.

This article above appeared in a UK national newspaper within the last few days – and details that in reality, just one (1) actual badger of only four (4) tested out of more than 2,000 killed actually had bovine TB.

The most alarming thing is that in total, just four animals were tested for BTB out of the 2,000 killed – the rest were just incinerated rather than being tested to provide much more insight into the spread and carriers of the killer disease. This is a complete and utter waste of public money in some half cocked attempt by David Cameron PM to win extra votes from the farming community.

£8 million spent by an utterly incompetent government to find just one animal carrying bovine TB. Money well spent ? – as we say; an utterly incompetent government ministry (Defra) headed by the incompetent Owen Paterson and Cameron.

owen paterson

£8 Million incompetent – Owen Paterson.


Imagine what animal welfare organizations could have achieved for the benefit of animals by having £8 million ? – maybe they could have put some of the money into research to find a vaccination against this disease – something this government is very reluctant to do. A government which pretends to be taking action in order to win votes from farmers. These results now show a complete government farce which has backfired into the governments face.

cameron hitler 

This result of just one badger being found to carry BTB shows what a complete and utter attempted vote winning farce the government attempted to achieve by undertaking these so-called ‘trials’; trials that did not even test slaughtered animals to see if they had the disease..

The government and its Defra ministry failed so very miserably; and we now call on Owen Paterson – so called ‘head’ at Defra, to resign and stand down from politics – the man is a complete and utter incompetent – and led by another one named David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

A vote winning farce which was put ahead of a positive solution to a disease which affects so many farmers today. If and when the government, any government, actually put their money where their mouth should be, and start vaccination research for either cattle, and / or badgers also, we may witness a decline in BTB. The day may come when politicians worry more about the survival of animals rather than their own pathetic survival – but then have we ever seen this to date ??? …………………..

badgers animal aid.org.uk

Some past SAV posts associated with the anti badger cull campaign:

















badger girls 2








Netherlands: Good News Good News.



As many of you will know, we have been working with Lesley and all our good friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for many years; especially regarding live animal transport issues and more recently investigations into conditions at slaughterhouses in Turkey.

Eyes on Animals website – http://www.eyesonanimals.com/

Here are some links to past SAV posts:






 Well here now we are reproducing the latest good news issues from Lesley.

All issues are very important and via the EU and EU Commissions, we will continue to work to improve the welfare of ALL animals throughout ALL the member states of Europe.

I personally want to congratulate Lesley and all the crew for their tireless work to improve the lives of millions of animals. Please take the following reports as more positive steps to reducing the suffering of animals in the EU.

Mark – SAV.

 EoA logo

Further successes in improving animal transport to reduce risk of suffering

One year after releasing our report “The importance of access during transport” and being in regular dialogue with manufacturers of livestock trucks as well as the Dutch authorities and animal-transport companies, we are starting to see the results! The Dutch authorities have just informed us that they have started a consultation with the authorities of all EU member states to set an EU-wide standard on requirements trucks must fulfill to provide adequate access to animals in need of help during transport. They will keep us updated.  Besides this, Eyes on Animals continues to receive news from companies taking our suggestions seriously. Two examples are the transport companies of Rinus van Beers and Paul Raaijmakers.

 EoA Doors

More and more chicken-catchers in the Netherlands being trained in humane handling

Last September we contacted all chicken-catching companies in the Netherlands and initiated the idea that they invest time and money into training their employees, as the number of birds we inspected that had horrible injuries due to rough handling during loading was shocking. We have been in regular dialogue with the industry and authorities about this subject since, as well as a school that trains people involved in the food business. Training in humane handling is not mandatory under the law, but thanks to our on-going pressure directly with those involved, a 5th training was just given recently. This time it was organized by the catching company together with the slaughterhouse that is not happy with the bruises and injuries on the birds.
We will continue on this project to ensure that the handling of poultry is taken seriously and considered a job that one must conduct professionally, and not just something that poorly paid people with no experience can do any which way they want!


The Jumbo stops import of horse meat from horrible slaughterhouse Lamar in Argentina

On June 11, Eyes on Animals met with the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Jumbo, the second largest supermarket in the Netherlands. We discussed the transport and slaughter conditions for horses in North, Central and South America that Eyes on Animals, TSB Zurich, AA USA and 3 other NGO’s exposed. After EonA released the disturbing results to the Dutch media in March, Jumbo went themselves to inspect conditions at the slaughterplants in Argentina and Uruguay that were supplying them with horse meat. This resulted in Jumbo deciding to immediately stop doing business with one of the Argentinian slaughterhouses (Lamar) where they also found the conditions extremely poor. The other slaughterhouses have to put several improvements into place by September 2014, if not Jumbo will stop doing business with them as well. Eyes on Animals and Jumbo have agreed to meet again in October after they return from their follow-up inspection in Argentina and Uruguay.
Jumbo is also taking the initiative to have Global GAP standards created for horse transport and slaughter by the end of 2014, in an aim to further raise horse-welfare standards internationally.  Read more about this on our website.

 EoA Horses


Potential for modernization of Turkish slaughterhouses

Eyes on Animals cannot stop the slaughter of animals, but we can help stop a lot of the suffering during slaughter. We are tackling the suffering on all sides. One strategy is putting the ‘best practice’ companies that make equipment to slaughter animals ‘humanely’ in contact with the Turkish slaughterhouses we have been to. We know these companies that make slaughter equipment and have identified which ones take welfare seriously and know their material. We have met with them to show them the problems we saw in the slaughterhouses we visited in Turkey and asked them to do what they can to help. In April we coordinated a meeting between a ‘best-practice’ Belgian equipment company and the slaughterhouse near Istanbul and last week a ’best-practice’ Dutch slaughter-equipment company visited two more of the Turkish slaughterhouses. They are giving advice on how to handle animals and the advantages of proper equipment.
We know we are not saving these animals, but we hope you can understand that this strategy can, in a realistic way, get these plants at least up to higher standards of welfare at slaughter. If we can stop the hoisting of animals alive by chains around their legs, then we will have already accomplished a lot.

 EoA Turkey

Would you like to support our E on A  work?

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Lesley 1


Lesley 4

 1 nov 10

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 Lots more links and photographs regarding live animal transport at ‘About Us’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/

 The Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) website – for which Mark is the EU Correspondent; can be found at www.kaale.org.uk  – here you can see endless reports, photos and information regarding the UK live animal transport campaign.






Australia: Freemantle Live Exports Protest Updates – Please Support Regularly If Possible.



I intended to write to you a little earlier and ask you to spare an hour to join us and our signs and banners at the corner of Tydeman Rd and Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle….

aus protest 1

this Saturday at 11.00 AM, and the first Saturday of every month thereafter, to create some exposure of this trade and hand out flyers to drivers and passengers in vehicles when stopped at the traffic lights.
BUT! Planning is hard though when you throw live export ships into the the mix –   I also promised that we would be down at the port every time a….    

 aus protest 2

… Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) vessel was in – that we would be there to protest this government continuing to grant LSS a licence to export live animals, despite now NINE breaches of ESCAS in just 12 months. Wouldn’t you know it – LSS’ Maysora is due to dock tomorrow and should be loading on Saturday.

So… what to do?
We will be gathering, and I suspect it will be at the port this time, but we will have someone at the other location for first 15 minutes in case others turn up there based on our promise last month to begin Tydeman Rd protests this Saturday.
I’ll send out a very short confirmation email tomorrow afternoon and update on Facebook. Hope to see those of you who can spare just one hour on Saturday!
Katrina Love
Campaign Manager & Coordinator