Friday 18th July 2014 – A Bad Day for English Animals, But Does the UK Government Care ? – Seems Not. An Attitude of ‘Get Em Through at Whatever Cost’.


Friday 18th July 2014 was a bad day for animal welfare in England.

ValCameron180714_9140 ValCameron180714_9136

British Sheep Being Exported By the Dutch on 18/7/14 at Ramsgate, Kent.

Both Above Photos: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

It was the hottest day of the year – extreme humidity with temperatures reaching around 33 degrees C in the South East. Unusual as it nearly always rains in England !!

So this was the day when once again, the UK government led by David Cameron bowed down, and did everything they possibly could to allow a Dutch livestock haulier named Onderwater to transport live British sheep from England to mainland Europe.

In July 2010 at a court here in Kent, England, Onderwater pleaded guilty to causing animal suffering on no less than 5 charges. Onderwater is a UK court guilty convicted criminal. The animals were due to be shipped by Onderwater from the port of Ramsgate, which is here in Kent and which lies on the English Channel. Onderwater uses all Dutch vehicles and hauliers and contributes very little to the UK economy. In return, he demands that his trucks are given protection by the Kent police (paid for by Kent taxpayers opposed to the trade !) and also protected by a weasel word UK government which posts lots on its website (Defra) about not transporting animals in hot conditions; but then allowing animals to be shipped on the hottest day of the year !!

Live animal exports and transport are a big issue here in the county. So when people had advance warning that the consignment was to go ahead, people / campaigners got together at Ramsgate port to do something about it. They did – taking over the port entrance and holding a mass sit down to prevent the Dutch (English sheep carrying) transporters from entering the harbour. They achieved a result with their efforts and all the Dutch transporters turned away rather than face the onslaught of determined and very angry, hot campaigners.

See the Dutch transporters arriving at the harbour; not having a clue what to do and then deciding to get out of town !!! – we hope the following links work: – angry people and a spineless UK government.


It was hoped that by turning away the trucks, and with severe storms forecast in the English Channel later that evening; the consignment would be forced to be cancelled. This was not to be the case – Onderwaters threats and a spineless UK government ensured that the shipment finally got through regardless.

The trucks later returned and the ex Russian battle tank carrier ship, the ‘Joline’, operated by Onderwater for his business, carried trucks and British animals to Europe in such terrible conditions.

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1

Above:  Ex Russian River Battle Tank Carrier As Operated by J. Onderwater – the MV ‘Joline’

Photo: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer (taken at Dover harbour, Kent)

For sheep that did not die due to the extreme conditions during the shipment, they will instead meet their deaths in another EU member state being labeled as a foreign product for which foreign housewives will pay top prices. Is this not good for the UK farming sector ?, those who always talk about such high standard animals as part of its farming practices and yet also allow their live animals to be shipped to other parts of the EU where they are sold to unknowing carnivores as a French, German, whatever nationality product !!– One thing is for sure; they are not sold as British meat raised and cared for by British farmers !.

You would think that the UK David Cameron led government would see sense and promote British livestock production, which would include much shorter road trips for animals to local UK slaughterhouses where the carcasses (under EU law) must then be stamped as a ‘UK product’ rather than being killed overseas and sold off as a foreign product in another member state of the EU.  Seems like there are lots of people out of touch with the term ‘Good British produce’; who instead seem to ok Britsh animals being shipped to Europe , slaughtered and then sold off to unaware consumers on the continent.

Who is to blame ? – the government for sure; maybe farmers for accepting this and allowing it to happen.

Check out lots more on the events of 18/7/14 on the following Facebook page:

Under exissting EU regulations (1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport), all EU livestock drivers should show compassion as they are officially responsible for the care of ‘their’ animals whilst on the road. Every driver carrying livestock across the EU has officially to hold a ‘certificate of competence’ to make sure that they are fully aware of animals in transport, their needs and their suffering.

This below is the attitude of a certified Dutch transporter drivers photographed at Ramsgate on 18/7:

transporter driver 18 July 14 ValCameron180714_0049

Ramsgate driver

Above: Dutch / EU Certified ‘Competent’ Dutch Hauliers – Responsible for Ensuring Animal Welfare During Transport; Show Their Opinion Of People Who Care About Animals and Their Welfare at Ramsgate !

Above Photo:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

Can you trust these to ensure the welfare of live animals ? – NO; they need to be certified all right; but most probably for reasons other than carrying live animals around the EU.

Sheep legs ValCameron180714_9179 ValCameron180714_0079 ValCameron180714_0109300z

Above Photos: Dutch Transporters Carrying Live British Sheep Arrive at Ramsgate. 

The White Cab Vehicle (Midle Photo) is Operated by J. Onderwater.

Last Photo – Boarding the ‘Joline’.

Above Photos:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

So this morning (19/7/14) it was time to write something and have a gripe at the ‘EU animal transport system’ and especially the gutless and spineless UK government and ministries associated with allowing British live animals to be shipped for many, many hours to other EU member states by convicted criminals in conditions above 30 degrees C.

The whole system of live animal exports from the UK is a complete and utter UK government led FARCE !!!; they would not know welfare if they tried, as we have proven so much on this site campaigning against the badger cull.  One great result here is that Owen Paterson has now been removed from his position – but it will probably be only a few weeks before he suddenly becomes ‘Lord Paterson’ for his government services to the environment and badger control, or something similar.  Another example of pacify him and keep him happy – and boy do we see a lot of that in UK government !!

Here below in the link to todays gripe for the animals – it is for others to decide their views and if what is said is correct or incorrect.  One thing is for sure, British folk are concerned about live animal transport and the vast majority of them are also voters.

By the way, the UK has a general Election for a new government around May 2015, Well done the people of Kent; regardless of what the end result was yesterday, you did good.  If it were not for good people acting against abuse, we would still be transporting live slaves in the holds of ships; just like we now do with live animals !



Ramsgate campaigner 18 July 2014

Ramsgate campaigners 2

Above Photos: Ramsgate Campaigners – Friday 18th July 2014.

Time now for an immediate and major update to animal transport legislation throughout the ENTIRE  EU.  We call on UK and Netherlands authorities to lead the way.


Visit the ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ (KAALE) site at   

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