Serbia: We Welcome ‘PAWS’ – ‘Pets Are Worth Saving’ In Helping The ‘Free Nani’ Campaign.

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Photo – PAWS.

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We are very pleased to be working with PAWS – the ‘Pets Are Worth Saving’ NGO organisation based in Subotica, Serbia – and President Andrea Sreiber in relation to the campaign to save Nani deer.


Formerly known as “Financial support for the most vulnerable cats & dogs in Serbia” P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a non-governmental organization – Society for the protection of Animals.


Registered at November 2012.

Please check out our blog to learn more about the stray animals’ situation in Serbia:

Place: Subotica, Serbia
PIB: 107868682
Registration No.: 28099428
Registration No.: 28099428



Photo – PAWS


FB page: page for our petitions:  

We are also currently in discussions also with ‘OIPA’ which is based in Italy, to help us further spread the campaign word about Nani; especially within Europe – Serbia wants EU accession remember !.

We are not giving up on Nani despite attempts by the authorities who hope that we will get tired and just go away.  Every day we get stronger rather than weaker.

Our policy is one based on the words of President Harry Truman;

“I never give them hell – I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell


Serbia: 26/10/14 – Petition Launched For ‘Nani’ Deer

– Please Sign Immediately and Pass Link On. Thank You.  

This should take you directly to the petition.

We need to act immediately for Nani – please sign NOW and crosspost to everyone that you can  !