Serbia: 20/11/14 – Latest News And Photos From Shelter ‘Felix’.

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Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Taking everything into account, we came up with the brilliant idea to put up transparent window blinds (instead of those useless tarps we had) to protect the sheltered area beneath the roof eaves and also the newly made corridor below from the icy northerly winds so characteristic for Vojvodina – all the while nonchalantly ignoring the fact we have no money to turn our irrefutably good plans into reality.

The necessary materials have been purchased on debt and the work is more than half done already; once it’s finished, hopefully less fuel will be needed to keep the kitties’ rooms properly heated. Even if it doesn’t happen, all of the cats are obviously enjoying their new sheltered spaces and most of them are not just watchers, but they’re active participants and helpers while the work is still ongoing.

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 felix 20 Nov

The kittens which all recently arrived after having spent the first part of the lives living on a building site in Belgrade are all now safe and content at Felix shelter –  here are a few pictures of them.

felix kitties 20 Nov

felix kitties 20 Nov 2

felix kitties 20 Nov 3

Felix kittens

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