You Can Still Visit Our Old Site ‘Balkans Animals Suffering’ For Archive Information On Issues.

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Some visitors may not be aware, but until recently, SAV worked very closely in conjunction with a ‘sister’ organisation named ‘Balkans Animal Suffering (BAS)’.

BAS was also founded by the same people and operated out of England, UK.

All the work has now been taken on and is shown on this SAV site – but you can still access the BAS site and view many articles, posts and pictures that are there.

BAS is not updated any longer, but all the issues and work has been taken on by SAV.

You can visit and view the Balkans Animal Suffering site at

– scroll down to the bottom to see the different categories.

Please note that this site is no longer kept up to date, but may be a useful tool for anyone wishing to have a look at older articles on Balkans animal welfare.

As you can see from the ‘Clustrmap’ (global map with red dots) on the site; it still gets a fair amount of visits.

Maybe you will find a visit to the BAS site at the following and just have a look round.  There are many articles and photographs relating to animal welfare issues specifically for the Balkans.  worthwhile to catch up on past issues we have been dealing with.

SAV (this site) is now the only site which is kept updated on issues.  Please continue to visit here for all the latest news and info.  BAS is simply a useful archive to our work in the past.

If we had the finances and more importantly, the manpower to keep both sites operating, then we would.  But the situation is that being self financing and with limited manpoewer, only one of the two was able to continue, and that is this site – SAV.

But please feel free to check out our past work at BAS.

Regards – SAV.

Dont forget – the save Nani petition is now continuing and can still be signed, even though we have passed out original target of 1,000 signatures.

Serbia and England: 6/11/14 – Actions for Nani Today.

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 Late news 6/11 – it has been decided that the petition for Nani being released WILL CONTINUE at the moment.

Please keep up the signatures – go to:


Today 6/11/14 we have reached over our original target of 1,000 signatures to the Serbian government, asking them to free Nani back to the Mitic family.

The petition has now automatically reset to a new target of 2,000; but it will continue now to attempt to reach this number of 2,000 as she is already sick, cold and hungry due to the terrible conditions that she is being kept in.  The Serbian government Minister has still taken no action after 90 days, and this really shows the entire world exactly what the Serbian government view is regarding animal welfare in Serbia.  We will retain the petition so that the government can become even more aware of the international, global support for Nani.

If the government is under the impression that it can continue like this, ignoring everyone who cares and is taking action for Nani, and in the future, if and when they gain EU membership, then they are wrong – very wrong.  Welfare groups across the EU will watch their every move (as we are), and will take action if regulations are not adhered to.  You could consider our actions as just the start of what will be their future regarding animal welfare and EU membership.

We are in discussion with Serbian campaigners today and the late decision is that for the moment the petition continues. Within the next few days, we may get another brand new petition under way, again to the government, regarding both animal abuse and human rights abuse as the family Mitic have not been treated in accordance with the law.  Until we see positive Serbian government action, and positive EU action in support of Nani and the other animals currently held by the hunters, we will continue with the actions we undertake.

We are also now considering the UN Human Rights system as it is clear that the Serbian government is not taking action against the police who intimidated the Mitic family and who forced them to hand over Nani to the hunters.  This is an issue of human rights.

Please read the full facts of the Nani case and how the police acted with the Mitic family when Nani was taken from them at:

  –  here you can see the way in which the police acted; and the way in which the Serbian government has taken NO action against them since.  But still we have no government decision on Nani and her future; so now we have to move on and take the issues of the Serbian government even further – to the UN as we say, if necessary.


Nani is sick, cold and hungry; her coat condition is deteriorating; but regardless we will continue to fight to get her released.  The continuation of the current petition will just continue to grow showing global support for Nani.  We have also today been in touch with the EU Enlargement Commission and the actions of the Serbian government (maybe this should be ‘inactions’ !!); we have been in contact with UK political parties (as the UK is an EU member state); and we have asked the EU Enlargement Commission exactly how all the money given by the EU to Serbia over recent years has been distributed.  Corruption needs to be sorted out by Serbia for EU accession; and as EU citizens we currently have no say in how much or where our EU donations to Serbia are goingBut we can now ask for example, what happened to the EU Funding allocation of €208.3 million to Serbia for 2013.  As EU taxpayers giving this money via an un-elected EU sources to Serbia; we feel that we have a right to ask where and how our money was spent – where it went.

The EU Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Davenport, is very prominent in his silence.  This has also been questioned today, as he or anyone in his office has never once even acknowledged our correspondence; let alone give us a fuller explanation of things.

We want to finish on a god note, by thanking everyone who has helped us reach our petition target very quickly and very early.  You have all done a great job.

Now the petition continues towards our new goal of 2,000 signatures.

Maybe soon, a new petition will also be established which will also focus more directly on the human rights issue as well as why Nani has still not been released by the Serbian government.

Watch this space – it could get even more interesting in the coming days !


We never give them hell; we just tell the truth and they think it is hell !

  • very wise words from President Truman.

Further and finally – we have nothing to hide – we will publish our actions and possible decisions for the future here anytime.  Others in authority may attempt to ignore, hide and cover what they do; but we will attempt to be as open about our actions (and even theirs) as we can.


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