Serbia: Latest (12/11/14) From Shelter ‘Felix’.

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Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Tempe, just a little husky 🙂


Tik had his bandages removed last week and his recovery is going extremely well

Tik bandadge removed

Little Morgan arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September, he had his eye surgery two weeks later and we’ve been battling his eye infection ever since, unfortunately with no significant results so far. Both his right eye (on which he had a corneal ulcer and a third eyelid flap surgery performed) and the hole that was left after his left eye leaked out are in horrible condition, with copious brown discharge and not even weeks of various powerful antibiotics have managed to clear up the infection. An antibiogram is being done now in the hopes we’ll finally find out what kind of problem we’re dealing with. If Morgan can see anything out of his right eye at all, we’ll do everything we can to save it. Once his eye infection is resolved, he’ll have a thorough, full check-up in order to establish if he’s even capable of enduring another surgery. He’s grown quite a bit, put on some weight and looks and behaves normally, except for the persistent eye infection. Should luck had been on his side he would’ve been fine by now, but sadly he’s not even half way through.

Morgan post op


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