Serbia: October Message From Shelter ‘Felix’.

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Is it possible that no one out of the thousands of friends I have on Facebook is able to donate anything towards the cost of cat food? Do the kitties deserve to starve just because we are not screaming, wailing and pleading for help two times a day?


Should we talk about and maybe even consider closing the shelter and turning all of the cats back out into the streets, after years of heartily fighting for them and working way beyond our limits, as they are obviously totally unimportant to people and not even worth thinking about or saving? Is there anyone out there who really cares?

Without some sort of assistance soon, everything we’ve campaigned and fought so hard for here could quickly be lost. Even the smallest donations help, they add up and it’s better than nothing at all.


Please help if you can, even sharing our plight with others helps out, you never know who’s out there that would like to get involved and see these kitties remain safe and healthy in the only place that’s shown them caring and love.


You can donate through PayPal, our YouCaring fundraising page or our project on and please bear in mind that we sincerely appreciate all of the help we get, even when our thank you notes are late, which they usually are.


We are deeply grateful to all of our friends and donors who have been supporting our work so unselfishly for years now and all of us here genuinely thank each and every one of you for your unlimited kindness with every ounce of our beings! Read more on my blog:




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This Shelter Is Too Good To Close !

Thank You.