USA: Support The Call For The Meat Animal Research Center To Be Closed Down.


IDA shut down oct 15

Dear Mark:

A secret branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) called The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center has recently been exposed for horrifying experiments on meat-producing animals, so inhumane that even the meat industry itself is rejecting the federal agency’s grisly methods and glaring lack of oversight.

In an attempt to bolster birth rates and factory farm profit margins despite declines in American meat consumption of up to 36%, every year the research center ‘modifies’ some 30,000 cows, pigs and sheep – ending in starvation, ghoulish genetic mutation, and surgical mutilation. With death rates for baby and adult animals greater than THREE TIMES industry standards, mangled corpses are buried en masse in a place called the “Dead Pit”‘ flying in the face of a growing U.S. focus on humanely raised meat.

The taxpayer-funded agency has lain hidden on the Nebraska plains for nearly 50 years since Congress approved its existence.

The USDA says they have addressed the problems.  IDA believes the facility must be closed!

We need your immediate help.

Please donate today to help IDA fight to close this despicable facility.

Please email USDA head Tom Vilsack now and tell him it’s time to shut down the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center.

Thank you for whatever you can do, today!

Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.
President, In Defense of Animals

IDA is involved in many projects to protect animals’ rights, welfare, and habitats. Money contributed to IDA supports ALL of our worthy programs and gives us the flexibility to respond to emerging needs.

Thank you for your support and consideration.







England: CIWF ‘Stop Live Exports’ Model Cow Starts 7 Stop European Tour – Collecting Signatures To Present At Brussels (EU HQ).




Pictures – CIWF London.

Last Friday, Compassion’s #CowOnTour started her 7-stop European trip to protest against live exports from the EU.

 The tour was launched outside the EU offices in central London. Protestors came from far and wide to stand shoulder to shoulder and say NO MORE LIVE EXPORTS!

 And those at the protest weren’t alone.

The online #CowOnTour petition has already been signed by over 68,000 people and, at the end of the tour, all those signatures will be delivered directly to the European Commission HQ in Brussels.

There’s still time for you to add your name to the petition if you haven’t already.

Compassion’s #CowOnTour has now also collected her very first real-life signatures all over her body – including that of Harry Potter star, Evanna Lynch, who was the first person to sign.

Live Export Disaster

We recently discovered that a livestock vessel with 5,000 cattle aboard, overturned while still at its loading pier, in Brazil.

Due to depart for Venezuela, the ship started taking on water and eventually capsized next to the pier.

Onlookers took videos with their mobile phones, which show the horror the cattle endured in their final moments.