Serbia: A Surprise Arrival From Belgium – And Can You Help With The Gas For The Winter Please ?

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Here is some great news from Danica and all the beautiful cats at shelter Felix:

We have great news that will certainly cheer you up! Amazing Nancy and her wonderful organization Straydogs Belgium have kindly donated some constantly needed high quality cat food and cat supplies to the Felix kitties. The cats were excited and thrilled to see all of the many nice things they’d just received. As you can see in the photos, they could hardly wait until the boxes were opened (many of them tried as hard as they could to help us unpack their gifts) and almost all of the cats immediately launched themselves inside the boxes to check out every single item they’d gotten. A huge thank you to Nancy and Straydogs Belgium for making our day bright and really special! We extend our deepest gratitude to Adamovic Gordana, our long-time supporter and friend who made the fantastic Straydogs Belgium aware of our existence. The crunchy sounds the Felix kitties are making while eating their kibble is real music to our ears! It’s been said a long time ago that pictures are worth a thousand words, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy our photos!

At the moment we are in Autumn, but very soon we will start to be seeing the Winter weather arriving in Europe.  When it does we shall probably see the long dark days that will bring with them the snow storms and biting North winds coming down from the Arctic.  That means that once again it will be time to do our best to ensure that all the cats at the shelter are snug and warm during the long dark days.

Last winter you may remember that we did an appeal top get the gas tank filled for the shelter ready for Winter.

Well this year it is no different to the last; but this time we (SAV) are trying to get the ball rolling in advance of an appeal from Danica which will probably be issued very soon.  If you can help in any way please by donating to keep all the cats warm this Winter by topping up the gas tank then we will all be very appreciative.

At the moment please make any donation for Winter gas through the normal routes of the website and blog :

PayPal button is on the blog:

and the website:

Please can you mention that the donation is to help with Winter fuel.  Thank you very much on behalf of all the crew and cats at shelter Felix.

The good news is that the main shelter roof has now been completely renovated – so this Winter there should be no worries about anything collapsing under the weight of the snow; which has been a concern with the old roof in the past.

Expenses are huge throughout the year for the shelter; as there are veterinary bills to pay, including regular de-worming, de-fleaing and vaccinations; fuel for the shelter; general maintenance and also the cost of keeping everyone fed ! 

Please give anything you can to help the shelter with its everyday costs.

We will sign off by showing you some pictures of all the shelter residents inspecting all the parcels which arrived from Nancy in Belgium (as mentioned at the start).

Please give anything; no matter how small; to help the crew at shelter Felix have an easier time this Winter.

Thank you – Mark at SAV (England).
















Vietnam: Animals Asia Undertake Rescue Of Last Bear From Bile Farm – Timeline Link To Events.

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Keep up to date on the last rescue – use the timeline link (1st link) given below.

Closing Quang Ninh’s last bear bile farm – rescuing the last bear

Animals Asia’s bear rescue team is on the road once more – bringing back the last bear, from the last bear bile farm in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. It follows previous rescues of 32 bears after the Vietnam’s Prime Minister declared Quang Ninh would become bear bile farm-free.Last Quang Ninh bear rescue – live timeline

30th October 2015: