Serbia: RIP Maxine.

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danica 27 oct maxine


With aching hearts and a slight pang of conscience, while we’re still wondering what we’ve missed and what more we could have done, we regret to inform you of the passing of our lovely Maxine.

We haven’t mentioned her for a long time as we had nothing important to say – she was gorgeous but almost unnoticeable, in the way that only quiet, placid and serene kitties are. A sweet, affectionate torbie tabby girl, totally unobtrusive and totally awesome, she was living her simple and peaceful life in the company of her kitty friends and the four years she spent in the shelter passed by in a flash. We knew she wasn’t young, but she wasn’t elderly either, and for some inexplicable reason it never occurred to us that she wouldn’t be here forever…

She started to decline slowly last winter but she was loving and beautiful nevertheless, although a little thinner. Spring came and went, then summer began and ended, but Maxine still seemed to be the same old Maxine we knew and loved, even though she had become significantly skinny despite her good appetite.

When the weather got cold, we noticed she had some nasal discharge, but knowing that she was also FIV positive, we took it seriously and rushed her to the vet who promptly prescribed her antibiotics; we were feeding her ground raw meat, giving her meds and vitamin supplements and she’d been putting up with everything with her usual tranquility. Just when we thought the worst had passed, she suddenly began to deteriorate frighteningly quickly and in only two short days she became incredibly gaunt, nothing but a faint wisp of the alluring, captivating kitty she once was. The end was near, she knew it and calmly accepted what was about to happen, while we were still frantically trying to think of something that would make her feel better, refusing to believe she was already far beyond any help.

Maxine passed away peacefully, she extinguished quietly like the flame of a candle, but her memory will live on forever in the hearts and minds of all of those she touched. Maybe time will alleviate the sorrow and ease the pain, but we’ll never miss and love this inconspicuous, yet fascinating kitty girl her any less.

Spread your wings and fly, our little angel, you’re free now and the sky is yours.



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