Netherlands: Big Victory in Dutch Court: fur farming will now definitely end!



A famous and superb ‘Respect for Animals’ advert shown on UK television fighting the cruelty of the fur trade:


In a judgment that has been anxiously anticipated by anti-fur organisations across Europe, the Dutch court of appeal has today made a ruling which will effectively bring an end to fur factory farming in the Netherlands.

dumb animals fur coat

The fur trade had heralded 2014’s cancellation of the ban as a great victory but- to its great credit- the Dutch government, supported by anti-fur group Bont voor Dieren, launched a further appeal.

Today’s final verdict means the fur factory farming industry in the Netherlands is definitely coming to an end in 2024.


Check out more on this and all the fur industry news from Mark and the crew at ‘Respect for Animals’ (England) –

fur is 2







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