England: Mr Commissioner – Is There A Faint Hope That The Message Is Getting Through ?




1074791_944847358931089_2464695890687572665_o (2)


Photos above – Eyes on Animals (NL)

EU head bury_NEW

It is from August 2015, but I know it is still relevant.

You bet this whole EU thing bums me off !


transporter driver 18 July 14

A driver tells welfare campaigners what he thinks of them – can you trust this with animals to ensure their welfare ?


A Dutch transporter enters the UK at Dover harbour – Photo Mark.

Please continue to make sure you promote our (SAV) new petition for EU animals that are suffering terribly whilst en route to Turkey.  Sign the petition and see a video on the terrible conditions and suffering at:


M and Barb crate John Major in appreciation for allowing calf exports

When ? – Probably around 1995 – Its raining so it must be England ! – Dover harbour, Kent – Mark (SAV) and Barb put the then UK PM (John Major) into a veal crate to give him a taste of what ‘life’ is like for British calves once they have been exported to the crates of the Netherlands.


Above – Barb (see photo above) protests at Dover with Mark’s dog ‘Golda’


Above – Legal ? – the EU thinks so, despite our objections.






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