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Petitions and More, March 9

SAV Comment – all the petition links are supplied directly to us.  We appreciate that some of the will probably not work, but we cannot check each individual one; time does not allow.  Please select and try anything that you see below.  US-info. Help pass federal legislation to protect the Corolla wild horses, a rare breed of Spanish Colonial mustangs who have lived for more than 500 years on North Carolina’s Outer Banks! Ask to support the Burr-Tillis Amendment (#3175) to S. 2012 ! To send a message if not done so yet! Once more Int. Please End the Use of Live Animals in the NDSU-Sanford Health ATLS Program! France. Prison for this couple who let their two dogs die in the cellar after moving! If not signed yet If not signed yet. Stop the mass killing of chicks! US. Call the Nevada BLM: Keep It in the Ground!  Login to Fb first  Login to Fb first  Ingresa, login first. Peticiones. Choose your language. After signing, go back to ‘Petitions’, scroll down for the other Petitions Save The Wenling Zoo Tigers From Their Daily Abuse And Mistreatment! US-info US-info. Protect the Greater Yellowstone grizzly– Stop the delisting! US-info. Clean water is a human right. Replace Flint’s toxic water pipes! US-info US-info. Utah, clean air Ukraine. Close advocacy, promotion of animal cruelty on resource “” ; this is a serious violation of the basic principles and objectives of the European Union which is the basis of tolerance and of a civilized society! Please email Tourisme board members!;;;;;;;;;;  Mexico. Stop Animal abuse in Oaxaca! Turkey. Cukurova. Release Cumin and Sugar from the dogpound and let them go home! France. Against Bullfighting France. Stop the use of pesticides in cultures near living places (schools, houses)

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Mexico: Petition – Cancel ‘Duck Strangling Festival’.



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Petition 2

Cancel ‘Duck Strangling Festival’

Target: Rolando Zapata Bello, Governor of Yucatan

Goal: End festival in which ducks are strangled and other animals beaten to death.

Every year in a small city in Mexico, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. Kots Kaal Pato roughly translates into “strangle the duck.” In Citilcum, a city in Izamel, Yucatan, festivalgoers bind a duck to a wooden frame and then proceed to stamp over each other to try to rip off the bird’s head.

If that is not barbaric enough, news sources have reported children grabbing local animals, like iguanas and opossums, and stuffing them into pinatas. Then the pinata is beaten and bashed while the live animals are stuck inside.

Sign this petition and demand these barbaric events be put to an end. These animals should not be forced to go through this pain ever again.


Dear Mr. Bello,

Every year in the small city of Citilcum, the Kots Kaal Pato festival occurs. At this festival, countless animals are tortured for entertainment.

According to news sources, children grab small animals like iguanas and opossums, stuff them into pinatas, and then bash the pinata until they are bored. If the animal survives that torturous ordeal, then they will likely die from being repeatedly stepped on while stuck in the hectic crowds. However, that is not all that occurs. In addition, a duck is bound to a wooden frame and festivalgoers stamp over each other while trying to rip the duck’s head off.

These disgusting acts of barbaric torture must be put to an end. Please consider putting an end to this savage festival and save countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.


[Your Name Here]