Venus Gives An Insight Into The EU And Its Regulations.


A comment left by Venus regarding the situation for live animals transported from the EU into Turkey – see our recent post at:

Here she explains the pathetic reality of the EU.

From Venus:

The ignorance and apathy of the EU, especially as regards the transport of animals, has reached the level of a brutal crime!

-The pregnant cows, which are 29 hours on the road and bring dead calves on the truck, are not an issue for the EU.
-In the past 48 hours with temperatures 36 degrees cross over 100 animal transports cattle the EU’s external border with Turkey , that is not an issue for the EU.
-That the border crossing takes 36 hours for transport to Turkey, with the animals in the burning sun, is not an issue for the EU.
-That at the customs office in Ankara, another truck with pregnant heifers is discovered from Estonia, and all newborn calves come dead on the world, is not an issue for the EU.

This crime justifies the EU in that they can allegedly do nothing about it.
But the truth is different!
There is an excessively high number of EU laws: there are 21,000 of them!!
So many that we wonder, why the European Union must regulate everything down to the smallest detail.
By implementing these standards costs in the amount of 124 billion euros are caused each year, so much does a machine with 25,000 employees.
On the other hand, most of the EU directives are so absurd and unnecessary, that we, the EU citizens ask, why we should pay this apparatus.

Some examples:
1.The prohibition of incandescent light bulbs!
The eco alternative, which came on the market from September 2012: too expensive, toxic, and give off a cold light.

2. The degree of curvature of cucumbers!
The “maximum curvature” may be 10 millimeters to ten centimeters!!

3. The unit size for condoms!!
The European Committee for Standardization has developed a specification for condoms. Result: This may not be shorter than 16 centimeters, the width should not deviate by more than 2 mm from the value!!

4. The Regulation catalog caramel!!
The EU regulation on the import of caramels has 25,911 words. That cannot be true!

5. The right seat for tractor!!!
And so on…
What could come from the films of Buster Keaton, today is a normal European madness.

And the rules for animal transport?
Although the EU has a regulating mania, none appears responsible for the transport of animals!
That’s what they tell us those who sit in the Office of “Animal Health and Welfare”, which are after all professionals, and get an average salary of 25,000 euros per month.

Is no one of those able to read some of the rules for animal transport, and to address the necessary violations, that have been documented by videos in the EU parliament?
Is no one of those able to respect the 1,200,000 signatures of EU citizens for 8hours Animal Rides?
Is none of those able to forget the cucumbers and sweets, and to deal against mobile animal crematoria?
More bizarre as it gets!

We will put all the means therefor, to abolish something that only harms, and not use.
We will abolish the EU.
Dear MEPs, you’d better believe it.




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Romania: Boycott Mangalia Until The Dog Killing Mayor Cristian Radu Changes His Attitude To Strays.


Rom July

UPDATE – Thanks to Venus  – Sample letter and e mail address added at the end.

A letter going around the world!

Mangalia, a town in Romania located at the Black Sea.
It’s a holiday resort visited by many Romanians and foreigners alike.  A beautiful town really if you are unaware of the ugly face of the place.

Because it is a popular tourist destination thousands of stray dogs are caught and killed in the most horrific ways to keep them out of the public eye.

Responsible for this ongoing mass murder is the mayor, a man by the name Cristian Radu. He is one of many corrupt politicians in Romania and for years he has been actively supporting the barbaric way dogs are caught and killed in public shelters of the town.

Either the dogs are killed straight away or left in the shelters to die a slow and cruel death. Starvation, brutal methods of euthanasia and dogs killing each other due to lack of space and food are a daily occurrence.

We the people involved in animal rescue have to put a stop to these crimes committed by corrupt and criminal politicians like Mr Radu.

As long as this murder keeps going on we have to stop tourism to Mangalia – this will be a way to force Mr Radu to engage into talks with rescuers to find a humane solution to the local stray dog issue.

Please share this post as often as possible. If you have friends in Romania please ask them to share it in their local communities.

Holiday season has started and the mass killing is in full swing again.

Write to the mayor and let him know that you are aware of what is going on in the town of his and that you will let the world know who is responsible.
Make Mr Radu aware that you know how he actively supports the murder of thousands of animals and that you will not look away.
Once the public is made aware Mr Radu will have to sit down and discuss a different approach to his dog Holocaust


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Subject: A letter is going around the world! Boycott Mangalia!

Dear Mr. Radu,
I as well as several other thousand users of the Internet, found out today that in the beautiful city of Mangalia, where you work as mayor,
dogs are caught with barbaric way and killed in public shelters of the town.

We were told that you, Mr. Radu, are responsible for these murders against innocent animal beings.
We were informed that with your permission, the stray are either killed immediately, or they die a slow and agonizing death in the shelters.
It is also said that starvation and brutal euthanasia take place, and that the dogs kill each other because they have no room or food.

This information is already known in the world.

Today all people have Internet, Mr. Radu, and everyone is informed very quickly.
Even those who want to come to Romania for vacation.
They will not come.
As long as Romania violate with the help of some mayors and private Companies the Animal Welfare Act in this country and try to solve the problem of stray dogs with medieval methods, so log we will also boycott the tourism and the country in general.

Your name and nationality.




USA: The States Where the Government Is Killing the Most Top Predators.


SAV Comment – how sad when bears have to be killed because timber producers are having bark stripped off their trees !! – a loss for them in financial terms no doubt – money rules ok !!!.  What a pathetic situation to be in; shame on the USA and the people that allow this to happen; when they should be protecting wildlife and encouraging international visitors to ‘shoot’ wildlife with cameras, not Wildlife Services to shoot everything dead with guns.  But is this not the ‘USA way’ now ?

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David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.

Do you live in a state that’s a top killing ground for top predators?

A new analysis released by the Center for Biological Diversity found that Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, and California are the states where the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services killed the most black bears, mountain lions, wolves, and bobcats in 2015.

The program exterminated 3.2 million animals last year.

Roughly half of those belonged to invasive species, but the other half were native to their regions.

The federal government created Wildlife Services in 1915 to kill predators that feed on livestock. Today, it offers its services not only to ranchers but also to fruit and vegetable producers that suffer damage from deer, birds, and rodents and to timber companies that call on the agency to kill bears that strip bark from trees to reach insects and sap.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, which has published an interactive map of state-by-state data, Texas was the deadliest state in 2015, with 609 bobcats and 23 mountain lions killed. That was followed by Oregon, with 193 black bears, 27 bobcats, and 91 mountain lions; Minnesota, with 220 wolves, two bobcats, and one black bear; and California, with 121 black bears, 80 mountain lions, and 15 bobcats.

Nationwide, Wildlife Services eradicated 731 bobcats, 480 black bears, 385 wolves, and 284 mountain lions. It also killed 68,985 coyotes—almost 17,000 in Texas alone—and 3,109 foxes.

Killing methods involved traps, snares, poisoning, and firearms, including those deployed from helicopters and airplanes.

The vast majority of eliminated animals belonged to non-predator species, such as rodents, reptiles, and birds.

But the taking of predators is the most problematic part, according to Michael Robinson, conservation advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity.

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“There’s been enormous advances in our understanding of the critical roles that predators play in maintaining the health and integrity of their ecosystems,” he said. “Scientists are now finding very important connections between predators and the vegetation that their prey species rely on.”

When wolf populations are culled, for example, elk have less fear of foraging on tree saplings that grow along streams. But when wolves return, elk tend to avoid those areas, “which allows the saplings to grow into fairly large trees that support migratory birds and beavers,” Robinson said. “This blanket policy of destroying predators undermines the integrity and function of entire ecosystems. It defies science.”

USDA spokesperson Lyndsay Cole defended the program.

“Of the 24 million animals that Wildlife Services encountered in 2015, 86 percent were chased away from the location where damage was being caused,” Cole wrote in an email. “Of the three million animals euthanized, 89 percent were either invasive species…or native blackbirds covered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s blackbird depredation order.” Some 711,000 blackbirds were killed in 2015.

“Lethal control is used only if nonlethal options have been unsuccessful,” Cole wrote, “or if nonlethal tools and techniques are impractical or economically infeasible.”

Brooks Fahy, executive director of the group Predator Defense, which has opposed Wildlife Services for more than 40 years, said state wildlife agencies also depend on the USDA to kill predators that prey on game for hunters.

“They’re funded through sales of hunting licenses, so they try to artificially create high levels of species that hunters like to hunt,” Fahy said. “But hunters kill the biggest, most robust animals while predators kill the weakest animals, keeping the gene pool strong by leaving the animals that are the healthiest and most productive.”

Fahy said the numbers, including how many cubs die after their parents are killed, were underreported. Dogs and other domestic animals are also trapped or poisoned.

Both Robinson and Fahy said the agency has no government oversight and lacks transparency in its operations. Journalists, for example, are barred from witnessing culls.

“I have fought to implement changes at Wildlife Services for years, and for years I have been met with resistance at every turn,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., wrote in an email.

“Taxpayers are spending millions each year to fund a bloated and mismanaged government program…that uses federal dollars on cruel and lethal animal population control techniques,” he wrote. “The agency needs far stronger oversight to ensure that they are spending their federal dollars wisely, and reform is urgently needed.”