Victory for Bulls in Spain! – Toro De La Vega Is Now Cancelled.



Victory for bulls in Spain!

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Dear Mark,

Last year, you took action against the Toro De La Vega bull fiesta, a spectacle held in Tordesillas, Spain every year in which a bull endures tremendous pain and suffering in the name of entertainment.

Because of growing opposition from Spanish citizens and global outrage against cruel bull fiestas from animal advocates like you, we are pleased to share that, this year, the Toro De La Vega has been cancelled.

With recent changes, the public killing of bulls during such fiestas is now prohibited.

The local government of Castile & Léon has denied organizers of the Toro De La Vega permission to stage this cruel spectacle in September. For many years, we have worked alongside local partners in Spain tirelessly exposing and condemning this barbaric tournament where there is no winning for bulls.

We are pleased that elected representatives in Spain have taken a compassionate stand against cruelty. However, this terrible event is just one of thousands of similar spectacles held in Spain every year, and we won’t stop fighting until all fiestas that involve animal distress and suffering are ended for good.

Read more about the cancellation of the cruel bull fiesta this year »

Thank you so much for taking action and for all that you do for animals.


Andrew Rowan President and CEO

Humane Society International

Torneo del toro de Vega, en Tordesillas Valladolid.Toro:PLatanito. 14 septiembre 2010. Foto: PACMA HANDOUT/RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE / NO SALES/ NO ARCHIVES


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Congratulations to everyone who helped with this campaign and spoke on behalf of the bulls – you have been listened to !

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