England / UK: We Now Undertake New Work For Bears and Other Zoo Animals In Serbia.

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30/7/16 – New news.

Today has been a very busy day with regard the Polar bear which is suffering at Belgrade Zoo.  See our post and the video of the suffering bear at:


Well now we have some great news which we can share with you.

We are now starting to work with a UK organisation which campaigns globally for bears – ‘People Advocating for Caged Bears’  –  and here is the link to their website:


As you can see at  http://www.freecagedbears.com/#!caged-bears/c1rb8  the group is working on behalf of bears all over the world.  They have kindly offered their services to establish a section on bears in Serbia; of which our polar bear at Belgrade was the starting point, and we as an organisation will be working with campaigners in the group to expose further the suffering of animals, especially bears, at Serbian zoos.

Between us we can put extra pressure on the Serbian government and Ministry responsible; and we can expose to the whole world when action is not being taken; such as with the Belgrade polar bear

Have we not exposed the situation of the government Ministry not doing its job properly in the past ? – see her just a few of our posts.:







We hope you will find this project a new and exciting one for the zoo animals in Serbia – especially caged bears.

The Serbian government cannot keep hiding behind the bars of the cage all the time.  We will expose them and show them up for the actions that they are not taking for the welfare of their animals.

In addition, we as a combined campaigns group can forward all our information to the EU Enlargement Commission, and remind them that states wishing to join the EU, such as Serbia; do have responsibilities to ensure that they comply with the rules of law – that is Serbian law which is not being enforced for the animals at this present time.

We look forward to our future work with http://www.freecagedbears.com/   which will include input and information from Serbian bear rescue groups such as our friends Branka and Pavel at ‘ARKA’ who we have dealt with in the past:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2009/02/19/bosnia-and-herzegovina-arka-banostor-shelter-bears-come-out-of-hibernation-to-give-their-weather-forecast/