Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest – July – Kitten Season Really Kicks Off Now !

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Kitten season has kicked into full gear and abandoned babies, frequently just born and with their umbilical cords still attached, are literally everywhere.

Irresponsible cat owners here feel that spaying/neutering is cruel, but I guess separating the youngsters from their nursing mothers and leaving them next to a trash can to fend for themselves when they aren’t even able to eat alone (or throwing them inside the waste container) isn’t cruel at all.

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Europe: How Much More Pathetic Can DG SANTE Get ? – Weasel Words That Mean Nothing.


UPDATE 5/7/16 –

Yesterday we did send a copy of this post back to DG SANTE, just to inform them of our opinion on the situation.

We now have confirmation that the e mail has been rec’d and read:

Your message

Subject: Re: Reply your e-mail of 15th June 2016- Ares(2016)3157360
Sent: 04 July 2016 18:34:12 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 05 July 2016 09:49:48 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

 Who knows what will happen next – but at least we have informed on our opinion of the situation. 

There may be some changes on the horizon at the EU – lets hope this spreads to other Commissions and departments who are failing in their obligations to the EU citizen and to the animals who are suffering in transportation:



With regards to our e mail (plus attachments) sent on 15/6, we have now had a reply from the man himself – Mr Van Goethem at DG SANTE – UNIT G2 (Animal Health and Welfare).

References we sent include:

Here is the link to the letter we have had back:



Para 2 – the photos we provided showing animals in poor welfare conditions were those taken at the EU / Turkish border.

Para 3 – “The Commission is aware of the ongoing challenges with the enforcement of the Regulation” (1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport).

We respond by saying that whilst being glad that the Commission ‘is aware’; we are witnessing nothing in the way of regulation enforcement. We feel that this is where the Commission should immediately step in and take out prosecutions against all member states who are failing to enforce the regulation. But the don’t; so what really is the point of them one has to ask ? – talk the talk, but in reality, do nothing to improve the welfare of animals.

Here is a message sent to us on 29th June from Lesley, who is currently at the border:

For the past week Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF have been at the Kapitain Andreevo (BG)/Kapikule (TR) border. We are still there now. Since arriving on June 23rd there has not been a moment of rest. The situation is the worst it has ever been. Just yesterday 55 EU animal trucks passed the Bulgarian Exit Post. Four pregnant heifers from Germany have already given birth on board the trucks and many animals from different origins are dead inside the trucks. We have seen several journey logs with this scribbled on them, in Bulgarian:

So – 55 EU animal transporters cross the EU / Turkish border in just one day; and we can be pretty certain that none of them would be enforcing the 1/2005 regulation. Does not this typical example of 55 transporters of suffering animals passing through in just one day not show that the EU Commission / DG SANTE (Animal Health and Welfare – hmm ??) is actually doing nothing in the real world when it comes to taking out prosecutions against nations and transporters who are not enforcing the regulations.

DG SANTE has a lot of blood and animal suffering on its hands.

DG SANTE talks the talk; but in reality it does nothing except continue to let animals be abused and suffer horrendously. Do we see DG SANTE stop live animals being exported from the abusing member states ? – NO – it all comes down to money in reality. The Commission likes to make the EU public think through it very expensive europa web site that it doing everything correctly. The reality is it is actually ding nothing except let (for example) 55 livestock transporters break the law and move into Turkey in just one day without actually taking any real action.

This is the reality of the EU and its useless Commissions. Here in the UK we have now voted to leave all the ‘talkers but do nothings’ behind and to go our own way. We are in no doubt at all that many other member states will be holding in / out EU referendums in the next year to 18 months. Why ? – because we have no faith whatsoever in the Commissions and the talkers that work there. We want to see action and we want it now. Not weasel words about regular meetings with member states represented by their national contact points; not just talk of ‘enhanced checks’ and ‘timely actions in case of non compliance’ – Christ – this has been provided for over the last 5 YEARS showing non compliances at the EU / Turkish border; and here we are yet again with utterly useless weasel words from Mr Van Goethem and Commissioner Andriukaitis telling us that ‘the Commission has launched a pilot project to develop best practices for animal transport’ !!!

Why not stop the member state(s) being allowed to export live animals ? – then your pathetic messages might actually get through to them !!

We see all the words like ‘strengthening training activities’, ‘all actors involved in the transport of animals’ and ‘levels of enforcement’.

We totally dismiss the conclusions of Mr Van Goethem when he says that ‘ the broad spectrum of tools for better application and enforcement of existing rules represents a concrete and fast way to help improve the welfare of animals’.

We say, don’t please give us the continual waffle; prosecute member states and ban them now from exporting live animals. This is the only way the message will get home – not by introducing yet more useless rules which nobody takes any notice of.  You may think you are acting positively DG SANTE; but you have always failed in the past, fail now and will always continue to fail.

DG SANTE you have always failed, despite the evidence being provided to you for many years. You are failing now and you will forever continue to fail, despite your brand new weasel words of ‘strengthening training activities’, ‘and ‘levels of enforcement’. You are failing and will always fail – that is why we have no respect whatsoever for you.

DG SANTE = Pathetic – simple as that.

Here is the reality of all the ‘hard work’ of DG SANTE –

More than 5 years of evidence to the EU, and STILL IT DOES NOTHING IN REALITY.


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