Canada: He was lured with bait, impaled with a spear, and left to suffer – Take Action.


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Tell the Alberta government to ban trophy hunting!

Dear Mark,

He was lured with bait, impaled with a spear, and left to suffer, possibly for hours, before he finally died. The agony endured by this black bear and the twisted, gleeful reaction of his killer, an American trophy hunter, were captured on video and posted on YouTube, using a camera attached to his seven-foot-long, homemade weapon.

With the public rightfully outraged by this footage, shared by shocked viewers all over the world, now is the time to take action to prevent similar cruelty to other animals.


Take Action 3 

Urge the government of Alberta, Canada, where this slaughter took place, to prohibit all trophy hunting.


Alberta’s government says it will ban the use of spears this fall during a regulatory review. But, while the government is to be commended for a swift response, spears are rarely used, and the most widely used killing methods in Alberta trophy hunts—which are just as torturous—will remain entirely legal unless more is done.

Trophy hunting is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Albertans and millions of people worldwide. It’s high time to outlaw this cruel practice.

Please, take just a moment now to ask Alberta’s government to ban not only the use of spears, but all baiting of animals and all trophy hunting.

Thank you for caring about animals.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International