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England: Countryfile Row Over Foxhunters.


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UK: We Are Not Alone – EU Disliked By Everyone – We Wonder Why ?


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That’s because they do not even enforce their own legislation

-Regulation 1/2005 on the Protection of Animals During Transport !

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EoA June 2






Below – Just a few of our past gripes against the EU for NOT enforcing its own Regulation (1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport) when it comes to EU ANIMALS BEING EXPORTED LIVE TO TURKEY:




Of course, England is not alone!
But England was economically powerful and politically stable when it came to “Brexit”.
Therefore, it worked!

Greece voted on 5 July 2015 with almost 62% for a get out of the EU, for a “Grexit”.
What was the result?
A week after the referendum, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras returned demoralized back of a Brussels Summit Marathon, and announced a new three-year bailout program – Including everything, that the Greeks had just rejected by a majority.

Unlike the referendum of the Britten, the “No” of the Greeks was doomed from the start to failure.
Because the government of Athens had other plans and was more corrupt than the British.
Today the unemployment rate in Greece is 52% and the minimum wage 429 euros.
This is the “positive” result for Greece because the country has remained in the EU.
The majority of Greeks dreams of getting a second chance and quit the euro zone.
And get out from the EU at the same time!

People in many countries have this dream today, but unfortunately with dreams alone we achieve nothing.
Neither in politics nor in animal welfare.
I think a “Francexit” would be a very good and powerful blow to the EU.
Because small countries, such as Romania, Ireland, Latvia, Croatia … do not play a significant role for the balance of power in the euro zone.
Those are the cash cows of the EU.
If two great nations, such as Spain or Italy also give a “No -Votum”, that would mean the end of this crime syndicate which call itself EU.
The question is: how do we get to a Referendum?

We cannot make a revolution, and a Turkey-type coup is also not useful!!
We can only start the war against EU by all legal means, which are available to us.
From now on.
By Internet, through demos, by providing information in blogs and web pages.
A war is always associated with risk.
But if you do not risk anything, you have lost in advance.