England: Bat Boxes.


We have been busy recently making some new bat boxes or our local wildlife park – Jeskyns.


Search their website for all the latest –  http://www.forestry.gov.uk/jeskyns  


We are starting with 3 boxes and going to see how things progress – but are ready to make more.  Here are a few pictures of the first box.





They have been produced in accordance with instructions on the leaflet of Kent Bat Group.


Well the new homes are there – all we need now is bat residents !

Now we wait to see if we have any success.  In the meantime, our ‘Bee Hotel’ is around 5 years old now.  A new roof has just been fitted as it is still very, very busy; and so the next project is to drill out some new logs and make fresh chambers for the bees to lay their eggs in.

Remember the old pics of the past – Mark and Denise after they had finished with the original.


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19 Mar 13 resize

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UK; Animal Aid Vegan Challenge – Take Part, Its Free !

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News From Four Paws UK: All Animals In Gaza Hell Hole Zoo Now Rescued.


Past SAV links:



four paws gaza

Dear Mark

FOUR PAWS rescues all animals from Khan Younis Zoo.
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success 2

SUCCESS. Thanks to your outstanding support, the animals of Khan Younis Zoo have been rescued at last.

The FOUR PAWS rescue team arrived in Gaza on Monday to permanently close the zoo, which has been referred to as the ‘worst zoo in the world’.

Sadly, we were heartbroken to learn that one of the animals, the newborn fawn, passed away before our team arrived – once again highlighting the critical nature of our work in Gaza.

Nonetheless, we are happy to report that the 15 remaining animals, including Laziz the tiger, have now been safely transported across the Gaza border into Israel, onwards to a better life.

But the mission will not be complete until every animal has reached their final destination.

Most of the animals will find a new home at the New Hope Center in Jordan. While Laziz will make the longer journey to LIONSROCK, our big cat sanctuary in South Africa.

Watch this space. We’ll be sending a few more emails in the coming days, documenting the rest of the mission.

Warmest regards,

Saige Jennings

P.S. This mission was only possible because of the kind donations, big and small, of our generous supporters. But our work is never over. Please give today to support this mission and our work with animals around the world.


Donations to help: 

Donations to help the team and animals in Gaza – https://action.four-paws.org.uk/donate/gaza/10  





England: Here We Go Again – Government Idiots Killing Badgers For Farmers Votes.


badgers north west hunt sabs

Here we go again !

The government doing nothing for animal welfare but trying to convince farmers – their voters – that they are acting regarding TB allegedly in Badgers.


As you can see from many of our posts on the last recent badger cull, which are listed here; the joke of a UK government (Defra) are not even doing post kill checks to actually see that the animals do / do not have TB !! – yes, they just kill them but do not follow up with checks o see if any animals are carrying the disease.

It seems from info obtained on 24/8 that it will cost approximately £7,000 for each animal to be culled.  And then the government does not even check for TB – is this a sad joke or what ????


Here is our post from last time relating specifically to this



badger girls 2

Here are the main links from our site when we had the last badger cull a few months back:

Some past SAV posts associated with the anti badger cull campaign:

















The only positive news is that the twin pratts – Cameron and Patterson, have both been removed from their positions.  The bad news is that the government learns nothing from the last cull (see links above) and instead goes out for more kills just to please the farmers and to make it look as if they are addressing the problem of TB; which they are not.

As the first link says from the BBC, and as we have argued for years, it is the transportation of live cattle all over the country which is really causing the problem.  The government will not address this.  Farmers for example sell Bovines in the North to farmers in the South; these animals are shipped by road; passing through several counties; and then everyone jumps up and down where there is a new TB outbreak in the South.  To the normal person it is not rocket science – to government dimwits, they just don’t see it; but then votes from farmers are their most important thing.

Government – how about looking into live animal transport issues ? – but then you support live exports so we should not expect anything positive from you here.

And as for ol’ Badger, he takes the blame for transmitting the disease, he is killed, no research is done by DEFRA and they go on wasting public money.  Utter incompetent ‘tools’ – each and every one of them who think they are so higher up the pyramid.  No – they are fools !!

Patterson and Cameron have both now gone – does this not say something ?



England: ‘Animals Are Not Freight’ – Global Day of Action – 29/8. Read on For More.


animals not freight

aus exports jan 16 3

Just a few days to go now until 29/8 – and the ‘animals are not freight’ day of action.

On August 29th 2016, campaigners from at least 30 countries will be taking action against long distance animal transport.


Read a lot more on this campaign and get involved with many global action events by visiting  http://www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/live-animal-transport/take-action/


serb sheep 2

If you are near London, please find out more about our event in Parliament Square and tell us you can join us.

Otherwise check out the events in 40+ countries on our Day of Action map at www.NotFreight.org.

Sheep legs

You will also find online events to participate in as well as resources to help you get involved in the Day of Action wherever you are.



·         Tell European Commissioners to act and stop exports from the EU to non-EU countries

eu crisis 2

When EU animals are exported to countries outside the EU anything can happen to them. They can end up exported to volatile war-zones and face brutal slaughter. The EU must take responsibility for these animals.


Petition 2

·         Sign the petition against live exports to countries outside the EU

As long as live exports are allowed to continue, Europe’s most vulnerable farm animals will suffer unimaginably at the hands of the live exports industry. Sign our petition today and help stop this trade.

Liza and Mark - Dover



trailer 6 sept 1

animals not freight


live ex ship

get involved 2





transporter driver 18 July 14

cattle in manure

EOA Turkey 2

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PMAF Inv 5

PMAF Inv 7

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Protect Me – Take Action on 29th – Thank You.






Serbia: ‘Klara’ Is Looking for a Forever Home Of Love and Care – Can You Help ?

Serbian Flag


Can anyone help ? – Please crosspost to all contacts.

Klara needs a home.

She is young girl saved from the street.  And now, after two months she trusts people 🙂 —  Please share and help Klara to find a home.






I am looking for a forever home – Please help me – Thank you. xx