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sheep slaughter

We will show the reality of what happens;

if you don’t like the pictures, then don’t buy the meat or product !

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slaughterhouse worker

slaughterhouse dancing

Slaughterhouse worker CAUGHT ON TAPE dancing with a DEAD pig. 😢 WATCH: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153072555529586&set=p.10153072555529586&type=2&theater


The Dance Macabre of animals
I was also often concerned with these questions: what people work in slaughterhouses?
What people work in animal laboratories?
What people work in fur farms?
Today I have come to the conclusion that this question does not address the basic problem, the real question is, namely: What people are responsible for the existence of slaughterhouses?

The Dance of Death, that the young butcher organized so proud shocked of course.
How can you dance with a dead pig?
How dull and sadistic must be this butcher?

Actually, the butcher is a murderer in representation: we order, another slaughter.
The dead pig hanging from the hacking was also ordered.
Just as millions of other pigs per day in this world.
We all know what animals in farms and slaughterhouses suffer until they land from a hook in a plate of meat eater.
This image of a dancing butcher in a slaughterhouse shock us.
The pig hanging from Chipping is the most shocking image.
The pig and not the dancing butchers forces us to correct question: Why are there slaughterhouses?
What else do animal rights activists and courageous undercover must do, so that today’s man ceases with the cannibalism?
What images are able to shock today’s carnivores so deep, so that they realize how great their responsibility to this bloody business is?

Even if all the butchers stop dancing with a pig, slaughterhouses will not cease to exist.
The main culprit for the dead-dance of the animals we are.

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