USA: Kill Wolves For Just $12 !!!! – The Price Of An Idaho Death Permit.


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Hi Mark;


In Idaho, hundreds of people have just bought dirt-cheap wolf-killing permits for only $12, and since the beginning of September they’ve already wiped out 14 of these intelligent, beautiful animals. They have permission to kill at least another 179 this season.

Since wolves are highly social, each death could shatter a wolf family, break up a breeding pair or orphan a litter of pups.
If Idaho continues to kill at this rate, wolves may soon be wiped out in the state for the second time in a century.

That’s why I’m writing now — because the Center for Biological Diversity needs your help to even the odds. For every wolf-hater stepping forward to pay 12 bucks for a license to kill, we need a wolf-defender to
give to our Predator Defense Fund.

By donating you’ll help save wolves’ lives and send a powerful message to Idaho that those lives are worth far more than $12 each.

The Center’s going after Idaho Governor Butch Otter and his wolf-killing regime. We sued this summer to stop Wildlife Services, the rogue government animal-killing program, from slaughtering Idaho’s wolves. We’ve shut down “predator derby” killing contests on public land, and since we don’t trust the state, we’ve petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to continue to monitor wolf populations. And we’ve kept hired guns out of Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

Idaho’s vicious hunt is being held up as a national model by extremist wolf-haters in Congress, too. They’ve worked up a cynical backdoor strategy of sliding in amendments to “must-pass” budget bills that will allow as many as a half-dozen other states to follow in Idaho’s bloody footsteps. They want to bring Idaho-style wolf-butchery to the Great Lakes and Wyoming and even the Pacific Northwest, creating an open season on wolves wherever they roam.

But with your help we can beat back these brutal bills and keep cruel extermination practices from taking hold across the country again. So please, give as generously as possible to the Predator Defense Fund. We must stop this violence against wolves before it sweeps any wider.

Don’t let Idaho’s disgusting killing spree spread nationwide and endanger wolves in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming and Wisconsin. Help us win today by joining the Center with a gift to our Predator Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
for Biological Diversity


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Australia: The Last Moments Of Elizabeth.




Elizabeth, her last moments were spent in agony and terror. Help us stop the cruelty!


We’ve just returned from the Festival of Sacrifice. We knew Australian exporters would be cashing-in during this festival — fuelling the trauma and suffering of so many animals. But while they count their money, we’ve counted their ‘crimes’. And, with your help, they won’t go unpunished.

Click here to take action now. 10 investigators. 5 countries. 1 reason for hope… that’s you, Elizabeth. If we weren’t in Malaysia this year then countless cruelties against gentle sheep and goats would have gone unnoticed. Illegal sales were rife. Terrified goats cried out in sheer panic as they were manhandled before having their throats hacked open. In one horrifying location, Australian sheep were being hung by their necks from the rafters, while still alive.

If our investigators weren’t in Kuwait we wouldn’t have damning footage from inside an Australian-accredited slaughterhouse, showing illegal abuses of Aussie sheep. Because we were on the ground in Dubai, Lebanon and Oman we have a catalogue of evidence against exporters showing sheep being stuffed into car boots in scorching heat, sold for backyard slaughter, and crudely killed in the streets.

Please speak out for these animals — demand action today. The presence of our investigators is one of the things this industry fears most. But do you know what else they fear? It’s you, Elizabeth. Because they know that every time you speak out — political and public support for live export diminishes.


So thank you for taking urgent action for these animals today. For the animals,


Lyn White AM Campaign Director

P.S. Please help us keep our investigators in the field where animals need us most. Any small gift you can make today will help provide these animals with the representation they desperately need.

P.P.S. If you’d like to stand up against cruelty, corruption and animal abuse, then this Sunday in Sydney and Perth stand with us — and thousands of other caring Australians — in a rally for animals that no government will be able to ignore. If you can’t be there in person, join us in spirit, by following us live on Facebook.