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Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – More Wonderful Food Has Arrived From Denmark.

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We are in a holiday mood, but not because it’s a holiday!

Another load of 100 kg of delicious high quality cat food from Denmark has arrived just in time, as we’d already opened the last sack of kibble we had.



Although this entire week has been rainy, gloomy, wet and rather cold and all of us have been feeling a bit down, the mere sight of this wonderful donation have the Felix kitties beaming with joy!


They immediately insisted on sampling the food they’d received and the crunching sounds of their chewing, coming from everywhere, is music to our ears.


We are boundlessly grateful to the amazing Danish organization UFFAC (United Friends For Animal Care) and their supporters for making today a perfect day for all of the Felix kitties.

Thank you so much, dear friends and the kitties thank you from the bottom of their full bellies!







Thank You Danish Friends ! 

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Australia: New South Wales reverses greyhound racing ban.



New South Wales reverses greyhound racing ban


The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has reversed plans to ban greyhound racing.

The ban was due to be imposed after an inquiry found overwhelming evidence of animal cruelty, including mass killings and the use of live bait in training.

State Premier Mike Baird said he had “underestimated” the desire to give the greyhound industry “one last chance”.

“We got it wrong – I got it wrong, cabinet got it wrong, the government got it wrong,” he said.

The ban, which was due to be introduced last year, was criticised by the industry as too extreme a reaction.

When has Australia ever done anything to improve the welfare of animals ? – live exports and the rest.




UK: Cracked – Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

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Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

We need your help! Viva! has gone undercover to show the lives of Britain’s laying hens – the one animal that really does seem to be out of sight and out of mind.

Millions of laying hens churn out eggs day after day in conditions that should shame our country. The battery cage has gone in Britain but the replacement ‘enriched’ cage is a con; a wire prison for 80 birds with just a few square inches of extra space each. The boredom and frustration, the bullying and aggression, remain exactly the same. There is no relief from the desperation; no ability to lead a natural life. And they call it enriched! 

The video from Julia in this following link is well worth a look – SAV.


Footage –

Around a half of Britain’s laying hens are forced to live like this – you can see it for yourself on our website.

Free range sheds are no better; they are so overcrowded that birds may never even leave them. We saw hens with feather loss, dead birds littering the gridded floors, sick and dying birds. All were ‘British Lion Quality’.


These are the reasons we need your help! We’ve produced a brand new leaflet for this campaign. And of course, our excellent resources for helping people make compassionate food choices are always available! Anything you can do to help – showing footage on the streets, door dropping leaflets, getting friends and family to watch our film, a small donation to fund our ongoing campaign – will go a long way to ending the suffering of hens.

Viva web link –



Australia: Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned – Demand Justice – Petition.




Click on  the following wording to be taken to the petition:

Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned – Demand Justice


Target: Geoffrey Muecke, Chief Judge of the South Australian District Court

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who reportedly zippered a cat into a backpack and threw it into a river.

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in a river. A group of bystanders tried to save the cat, but were unable to reach her in time. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

The RSPCA of South Australia called it “a deliberate act of cruelty.” A female tortoiseshell cat was zippered into a backpack and thrown into the flooded Gawler River. Her desperate cries could be heard from the shore, but the backpack was too far away to be retrieved in time. The cat wore a collar but it did not contain identifying information. She was likely someone’s pet.

RSPCA inspectors are currently investigating. They have asked for the public’s help in identifying the person responsible. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.



Dear Judge Muecke,

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in the Gawler River. The person responsible is still at large. We demand justice for this innocent cat.

The tortoiseshell cat’s desperate cries could be heard all the way on the shore. Trapped in a backpack with no method of escape, she slowly drowned in the flooded river. She died, painfully, before rescuers could reach the backpack.

The RSPCA of South Australia has stated that this torture was deliberate. Whoever is responsible for the death of this innocent cat must receive the maximum penalty possible by law.


[Your Name Here]