4 Or 20; You DO Make A difference – Be A Voice !


All pictures shown do not relate to the incident / demo detailed by Venus.





Three years ago in the city where I live came a circus with wild animals.

Very quickly it became common that tigers, lions and even elephants were the prison inmates and everyone wanted to go.

We also wanted to go.

As protesters.

We had planned a direct demonstration before the circus tent.

Such a thing was risky, those who had demonstrated against this circus in other cities, knew it.

Therefore we had to be many, on this point we were all agreed.

Organizations, names, parties played no role.

No matter where everyone came from, many people would have to be the main thing.

The last level of participants in Facebook one day before was 20!





On the same day we were only four there !!

The policemen who wanted to protect us were more than us!

And that’s why we needed their help very quickly.

It was afternoon show on this day and the visitors wanted to buy a card.

The circus director, a giant of 1.90 and 100 kilograms, found that we had no right to break his legal business and asked the police to remove us.

The police said we had permission, the demo was approved, so they could not do anything to us.

Then the circus director wanted to beat an activist, but the police arrived in time to help.





On the same evening when I posted two photos from this -for me- miserable demo in Facebook, I thought about it for a long time.

I was angry because I was firmly convinced that we would had have more success if we were 20.

I was disappointed because I had expected responsibility and solidarity.

I was disappointed by my comrades.




Today, after three years I evaluate the animal protection to not so one-sided.

Meanwhile, in many countries wild animals are forbidden in the circus, and this is the merit not only of the persons who risk their lives before a circus tent.

But they are part of it.

The success was achieved by the petitions by the millions of petitions, the collective and private letters to ministers, the big demos by the cities, the media reports of all kinds.

The rights of the animals must be achieved by any means necessary.


With best Regards for you dear Mark and all



EU: Will EU Strays Be Given A Legal Voice In The Coming Weeks ?


Here below is some important news in relation to EU stray animals – it is given in both English and German links.

English –  eci_press_release-2

German –  evpressemitteilung-6-10-16

For years we have been campaigning to be a voice for the street / stray animals of the EU; to get them treated humanely and without suffering and the killing which regularly takes place in several EU member states.



A dog catching / killing team at work in Serbia

As you know, we have worked the same for Serbian strays within Serbia.  The government has always intentionally ignored our evidence that sterilisation undertaken on stray animals over a period of time leads to the decline in strays.

The ECI shows that, and as outlined in the attached PR; that neuter and return is CHEAPER than the catch and kill tactics used by some states; including Serbia.  As the PR indicates, member states who do apply the no kill policy not only enhance their own reputation with their own citizens, but also enhance their reputation with citizens from abroad and other EU member states.

Pozega january 1

We have shown the corruption of the system used by authorities to put money for animal welfare into their own back pockets instead.  Serbia wishes to become an EU member state – and is currently in the process of application, whilst being handed billions of Euros by the EU for same.  Again, money destined for animals ending up in the back pockets of corrupt officials.  We have never seen Serbia apply the ‘rules of law’ for Serbian stray animals.  Application of the rule of law by any nation seeking EU membership must be shown by that nation prior to membership.  One could argue that the way in which Serbia deals with its stray animals is just one of the issues preventing Serbia from becoming an EU member state.

 The verdict of the European Court is expected within the next few weeks.  We very much hope that the court acts in favour of EU animals and most EU citizens in taking positive action for stray animals,  Unless nations such as Serbia and Romania do take positive animal reduction strategies based around the ‘no kill’ approach; but instead aimed at long term sterilisation attitudes; Serbia will continue to wander as an outcast nation that is not wanted by the majority of EU citizens who do care for animals and their welfare.


Picture 017

Picture 021

It is also down to Serbian citizens – taxpayers – to ask if the current methods of stray animal ‘control’ are actually working; are the people getting anything back for the money they are paying out ? – are stray animal numbers actually on the decline, or as we suspect, are they actually increasing despite all the money the government and regional authorities are throwing into killing strays ?

Regardless of the outcome, there are very interesting times ahead on the horizon for the welfare and humane treatment of stray animals throughout Europe.


Picture 018

Nis dog capture