Silky Sharks Gain Increased Protection Under CITES.



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Today we won a big victory for silky sharks!

After years of hard work, Turtle Island and our international allies have won increased protections for silky sharks at CITES. They are now listed under Appendix II of this international treaty agreement.

I personally want to thank every single one of you who has taken action on behalf of silky sharks – whether by signing one of our petitions or making a gift to provide us with the resources to advocate on behalf of these amazing animals.

I was proud to be able to speak on your behalf in front of the entire CITES meeting.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I want to take this moment to celebrate this hard won victory.

Thanks again.

Randall Arauz,

International Policy Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The battle is far from over.

We still need to win changes at the regional fisheries and national level.

So please consider making a charitable donation of $35 or more today to Turtle Island so we can continue to be on the frontline of defending sharks and our oceans.

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Australia: Find The Criminal Who Cut Off A Cows Ears – Petition.



Target: Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Goal: Find the person who cruelly cut cows’ ears off and tied them to the owners’ gate, and punish them to the maximum extent of the law.

The ears of two cows were cut off and tied to a gate on the owners’ property using a piece of wire. While authorities are unsure who is responsible for this sickening act of cruelty, they say that someone located the cows and cut an ear off of each animal that displayed the property owners’ earmark. Oddly enough, the authorities aren’t sure if the cows were alive or deceased as they haven’t found any cows with injuries or remains. These innocent animals could’ve been tortured and killed; their tormentor i still on the loose.

This appears to be a very dangerous, threatening act of animal cruelty that was carried out with pure malicious intentions. The owner’s life could also be at risk as this person may have committed this act to send a threatening message. A person who could commit such a heinous act on innocent animals needs to be removed from the streets and kept behind bars so they can’t do any more harm. Please add your name to this signature to urge the authorities to take action and do everything in their power to find the person responsible for this and bring them to justice.


Dear Police Commissioner Stewart,

Someone cut off the ears of two cows and used a piece of wire to attach the body parts to the property owners’ gate. Both of the ears had the owner’s earmark displayed on them.

Unfortunately, whoever committed this heinous act of animal cruelty has not been found and neither have the cows. For all we know, these poor animals were tortured and murdered. We urge you to get involved in this case and utilize all available resources to find whoever hurt these innocent animals and bring them to justice with the maximum penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves.



Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves


So many delicious leaves to munch through — it’s all too much for rescued moon bear Jigsaw who is head over heels happy.

There are eight delighted moon bears chowing down on this buffet of juicy leaves, but Jigsaw is taking the joy to a whole new level.

A recent storm knocked down a number of trees in the surroundings of Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary and nature’s loss was the moon bears’ gain.

Bears love leaves — known generally as ‘browse’ — although they can be a bit fussy, which is wise considering some leaf species can be toxic.

When not being eaten or rolled over, browse is also great for nest-building, another natural moon bear instinct indicative of healthy, happy bears.

It’s part of the daily treats enjoyed by over 150 bears at Animals Asia Vietnam Sanctuary, with the vast majority of bears being rescued from the bear bile industry.

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear and Vet Team Director Heidi Quine said:

“There are 18 bears in House 4 and nearly every last one of them joined in the tree party. It was a pleasure for the bear team to watch as the bears’ relaxed, carefree play shows we’re getting our bear care right.”

Happy #MoonBearMonday everyone!

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