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USA: The Only Wall America Really Needs !





Hi Mark;

Donald Trump’s chief strategist has published essays denouncing protection of endangered species.

His lineup to oversee the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service built careers pushing as much logging, mining and habitat destruction as possible. The head of his EPA team wants to bring back coal mining and intensify water pollution.

The good news? George W. Bush also had an extreme agenda when he came to power, but the Center for Biological Diversity stopped most of it with powerful, strategic lawsuits, hardnosed investigations of corruption and industry influence, and smart political organizing.

We see where Trump is going and will stop him too, but only with your help. Please donate generously to our emergency

Trump Resistance Fund today. Two Center members quadrupled their usual giving to $450,000 to jump-start the fund — they will match every dollar you donate to this appeal.

Stopping Trump’s extreme agenda is the Center’s number one, overriding priority. To succeed we need to quickly expand our team of smart lawyers, tough investigators and effective coalition builders.

Our lawyers will sue Trump when he rolls back clean-water protections, green-lights the killing of endangered species, opens the Arctic and Atlantic coasts to offshore oil drilling, and tries to turn our public lands into a sea of oil wells and clearcuts.

Our investigators will expose the revolving door between Trump’s administration and the chemical, oil and mining industries. They’ll relentlessly daylight his political appointees’ lies and overruling of agency scientists.

Our coalition-builders will create a powerful alliance of environmental, human-health and civil-rights groups to stand together against Trump.

We need to raise $1 million to make this happen. $450,000 is already pledged, but we’ll meet our goal only if our members come forward with an additional $550,000 in donations to the emergency

Trump Resistance Fund.

Please donate as generously as you can today, knowing that every dollar you give will be matched.

Most big environmental groups have about five staff per million dollars. The Center has 10. That incredible efficiency makes us twice as effective and twice as able to fight Trump on every front.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


SAV Comment:  America voted for him; now it is going to face the reality.  Environmental destruction; wiping out wildlife protection etc, etc.  Note we don’t hear much about that wall that was going to be built across the Mexican border and funded by Mexico now !

Pre election big talk ? – you bet.  But America was fooled by him and voted him in; now they face the consequences.


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