Egypt: Breaking !! – Egypt to (Live) Export 10,000 Donkeys to China, and Very Probably Live Dogs to South Korea.



UPDATE 16/12.

Dear Pam and Mark,

Thank you for your email (Pam), for forwarding Mark’s email and for both your concern.

Since the recent online news reports suggesting that the Egyptian government could export 10,000 live donkeys to China for their skins, our project team in Egypt have made contact with the authorities expressing serious concerns about the news reports, and the authorities have responded denying any plans to consider exporting donkeys.

The Donkey Sanctuary has grave concerns about the fast-growing trade and demand of donkey skins to produce the traditional Chinese medicine Ejiao, and any major trade would be seen as a further blow to the future global donkey populations and their welfare.

Find out more about this worrying new trend and how we’re monitoring it at:

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The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon, England.


Below you will find a sample letter which you can copy and send to ‘your’ Egyptian embassy ; wherever you are located in the world.  This post has been produced in cooperation with Venus in Germany.

Simply find your national Egyptian embassy using the following link.  Alternatively, thereafter we have provided details of main Euro contact cities also for our European supporters.  Please note that English and German campaigners have worked together on this; so there may be the odd language difference in some text.  We have tried to correct all these differences !


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Copy the sample letter provided below and e mail it to ‘the’ (Egyptian) embassy for ‘your country’ or location using the above guides.



***  Sample Letter  ***


Dear Sir / Madam;

It is already globally known that Egypt intends to do cruel international business with the live transports of donkeys and dogs.

Donkeys (some 10,000 plus) are to be transported alive to China, primarily for their skins, not for their meat.  Dogs are also going to be transported alive to South Korea for their flesh.

In the past, both China and Korea have fallen into great disrepute because they are countries that both became involved in illegal animal trafficking. Egypt has an international reputation as a friendly country with one of the oldest and greatest ancient civilizations of the world.  Do not tarnish that with a trade in cruelty.

Such a modern, cruel business by yourselves, which we are now internationally learning about, is detrimental to the image of the Egyptian nationality. When people learn the reality of the animal suffering involved, it can only harm tourism to Egypt, which is much more profitable for the country. You know very well that such bad and harmful news such as this, and your criuelty to animals, can spread nowadays very quickly via the internet.

We ask you to very seriously reconsider the decision to export donkeys and dogs to China and Korea respectively where they will endure great suffering and cruelty from nations that have no basic respect for animals and their suffering.

Please show your compassion for the animals which will suffer and take responsibility for the reputation of your country by preventing this from happening.

Thank you;

Sent by:  Your Name.



There are now 2 petitions about this issue – please see them and sign, by visiting:


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and also via our good friends at anti live export campaign organisation ‘Animals Angels’ in Germany –  


Egypt to export 10,000 donkeys to China, dogs to South Korea


Ashraf Abdelhamid, AlArabiya.netSaturday, 10 December 2016


Egypt has recently signed a trade deal to export nearly 10,000 donkeys to China, with another agreement likely soon to send dogs to Korea.

The General Organization for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt agreed on the deal after requests from many Chinese companies.

Dr. Ibrahim Mahroos, the organization’s director, confirmed that Egypt will send the donkeys alive to China in accordance with an Islamic ruling in Egypt’s al-Azhar.

He added that China wants the donkey’s skin rather than its meat.

Egypt is also looking into requests from Korea to export dogs there, especially after several shelters have said they are at full capacity and were putting down stray dogs.

*This article also appears on


SAV Comment:

No doubt we will be publishing more on this issue as we obtain more info, but we do have concerns that nations such as Serbia may see this as a financial way (investment) of solving their stray animal ‘problems’  rather than sterilisation as all welfare groups request.  We are passing this info out to many contacts – it is up to them to watch their space. 

Being Egypt, China and Korea, obviously there is no concern on the side of animal welfare issues; as we know so much from past and recent posts – it is simply meeting a demand of the human species and sod the rest ! – money talks ! – Mark.


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