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Gone for 400 Years, Returned Beavers Get Protected Status in Scotland.


Gone for 400 Years, Returned Beavers Get Protected Status in Scotland.


EU: Anti-Brussels protests are a CRIME – fears at Eurocrat crackdown on ‘dissent’.


SAV Comment:  If we consider that the EU is not doing enough, say, for animal welfare, and the export of live EU animals to Turkey for example; then do we not have a fundamental right to attack Brussels for NOT enforcing its own legislation ? – allegedly Regulation 1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport. 

Call it ‘dissent’; call it what you want – we suggest ‘the truth’ would be appropriate.

It appears now that Brussels would even think we are wrong to say anything that shows that they are wrong – not enforcing the rules type thing – their rules that is !

Are we going to be blocked or shut down with many other groups ? – human rights groups; animal rights groups, etc, etc ? – Brussels is scared of opposition to its fundamentals which is growing throughout the EU – and so it has to come up with pathetic actions such as this to keep us all quiet and happy little EU citizens !. 

We shall see !!!

EU CENSORS: Anti-Brussels protests are a CRIME – fears at Eurocrat crackdown on ‘dissent’

SINISTER plans to criminalise “political dissent” against the EU project took a step closer to becoming reality today, prompting a dismayed response from free speech campaigners.

Human rights groups have reacted with horror after EU member states approved draconian new anti-terror laws which critics have warned could be used to suppress eurosceptic movements by force.

In a rare show of universal anger seven leading civil rights movements tore into unelected Brussels bureaucrats over the shadowy plot, warning that it endangers “fundamental rights and freedoms” including the right to protest. 

The new EU Directive on Combatting Terrorism has sparked concern and consternation across the globe due to its incredibly vague definition of what constitutes a terror offence. 

Leading lawyers and campaigners have warned that it could easily be used to mercilessly crack down on eurosceptic movements and thwart protest against controversial EU initiatives. 

Worry about the draconian new law is running so high that seven top human rights groups have penned an open letter to the European Union urging them to reconsider it. 

Amnesty International, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), European Digital Rights (EDRi), the Fundamental Rights European Experts (FREE) Group, Human Rights Watch, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ), and the Open Society Foundations (OSF) all called for the legislation to be comprehensively amended or else scrapped altogether. They voiced concern that, in its current form, the law could “lead to criminalising public protests and other peaceful acts, to the suppression of freedom of expression protected under international law, including expression of dissenting political views, and to other unjustified limitations on human rights”.

The directive, which will become law in Britain until we leave the EU, is so vaguely worded that terrorist offences include “seriously destabilising” a whole set of EU structures from the “political” to “economic”.

Amongst the powerful measures contained in the bill is a measure, borrowed from recent laws in France, that allows Brussels to order internet firms to block sites that “glorify” terrorism without any input from judges. 

Critics have warned that the definition of terrorism is so vague that the law could easily be used to take down eurosceptic blogs and websites which are critical of the EU project. 

Last month in France, where the measure was first coined, telecoms giant Orange was ordered to shut down Google and Wikipedia for an entire morning, with Internet users being directed to a French interior ministry website, where their IP addresses were then recorded by the authorities. 

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Vietnam: These are the bile farm bears we’re trying to get home.



These are the bile farm bears we’re trying to get home

04 December 2016




These six bears have lived for years on a Vietnamese bile farm – we’re desperate to get them “home for Christmas” and the happiest new year of their lives.

Trapped in medieval-looking cages, six forlorn moon bears – four males and two females – peer out. Through these tiny holes they can see precious little of an outside world they must surely believe has forgotten them.

Each one has routinely suffered the agony of bile extraction. Their cages are lined up side by side but they’ve never been able to reach out and touch a friend. Surely their memories of sunlight and nature are all but gone.

Now, with your help, Animals Asia hopes to rescue them. The Forest Protection Department (FPD) of Dak Lak province where the bears are being kept has been pressurising the owner to give them up. If successful a small window of opportunity to finally end their suffering will open and the rescue team won’t dare delay.


Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen said:

“We’ve been putting a lot of pressure on Forestry departments in the region to force farmers to give up their bears and it’s starting to bear fruit. Thanks to our welfare work helping rescued elephants like Jun and Gold in the province, we’ve earned the trust of the local Forestry.

“They know that if they can convince the farmers, we can move quickly, take the bears and give them the health care, companionship and happy lives they deserve.”


Any rescue would be a major undertaking – moving six bears, 1,300km from Buon Ma Thuot city back to Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in Tam Dao, just an hour outside of Hanoi.

Animals Asia founder and CEO Jill Robinson MBE said:


“The bears desperately need help. It’s likely that they have been trapped in these tiny cages for up to a decade each. All we know about their health is that they have been tapped for bile and they have most likely lived without any vet care.

“Our priority now is to get them out of there. Then we take their pain away, build up their strength and give them a new life.”


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Dear Mark,

The past wounds of so many precious bears have healed and elders like Bronwyn snooze peacefully in the sun.

And at this very moment, your gift is busy helping another poor bile bear as he or she takes those very first steps to sanctuary and freedom.

Thank you for being such a remarkable friend to animals in need.

I wanted to be sure and let you know that your kind gift has reached us safe and sound, and is already working hard for the animals of Asia. For the bears abused on bile farms, the dogs and cats vulnerable to cruelty and for the forgotten captive wild animals.

None of our efforts… not the rescues or the rehabilitation or the medical care or the outreach or the food and safe haven… none of it would be possible without you.

With the happiest of holiday bear hugs from all of us here,

Jill Robinson, MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia