England: Take IMMEDIATE Action To Stop Rabbit Farming In The EU Now – Very Important Vote Very Soon – Immediate Action Required.

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25th January is a crucial day for the animal welfare movement. Members of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee will be voting on a report that could pave the way for legislation to protect the welfare of Europe’s 320 million* farmed rabbits.

This vote is the best chance of securing new legislation for Europe’s farmed animals we have seen in over a decade, and we need to send a message loud and clear to the MEPs on the Committee to urge them to back the report and ensure Europe’s farmed rabbits are given the protection they need.



The vote in the Committee is vital, it is the first hurdle we have to overcome to get protection for rabbits in front of the full European Parliament for a vote in the spring. We’ll need your support ahead of that vote too, but for now, will you take a moment to email the Committee members from your country and ask them to back this opportunity to improve farmed rabbit welfare?



E mail the committee now –




Over 99% of rabbits farmed for meat in the EU spend their lives confined to tiny, barren cages. If successful, this report would call on the European Commission to introduce legislation that would require the gradual phasing out of all cages – leading to an eventual ban on the caging of all the EU’s farmed rabbits.

This is a great opportunity to End the Cage Age for 320 million rabbits every year. Will you email your country‘s representatives on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee today?



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