UK: Drinks Giant Coca Cola Is Lobbying AGAINST Bottle Deposit Return Scemes – Are They Happy to Pollute and Kill Wildlife ?

Hi Mark,

Action – Petition link –{{promocode}}

EXPOSED: An investigation has just uncovered that drinks giant Coca Cola is lobbying against deposit return schemes in the UK. [1]

In the UK alone we use 35 million plastic bottles every day and as many as 16 million of these go un-recycled – ending up on our beaches, in landfill and in our oceans.

Please sign to show your support for bottle deposit return schemes:


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Deposit return schemes are not a new idea, but they can take us a step closer to tackling the unprecedented problem of ocean plastic pollution. The concept is simple – when you buy a bottled drink you pay a little bit extra, and when you return the bottle, you get your money back. The more bottles returned, the more can be reused or recycled – reducing the amount that end up polluting our oceans.



Sign the petition

Similar schemes in other countries have been shown to boost the amount of bottles that are collected to a whopping 98% – so we know they can have a huge impact. Plastic is killing our oceans

please sign the petition to show your support and help fight back against plastic pollution:



Sign the petition

Thanks so much for all you do, Alice






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